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  zaterdag 21 maart 2020 @ 14:12:02 #152
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alles muziek.
Jaaaa dus geen withdrawal announcement *O* Maakt een vreugdesprongetje
bg_eurovision twitterde op donderdag 26-03-2020 om 19:11:02 🤩Now we are opening a call for new exciting projects.
All interested composers & music producers that would like to work together with @victoriageorge_ can send their references to our partners from Ligna Studios at submissions@ligna-studios.com. https://t.co/JoZSiJRluY reageer retweet
victoriageorge_ twitterde op zaterdag 28-03-2020 om 15:21:11 Hello everyone 💜 Tonight I will host my first online concert from my home in Sofia. Watch it live on https://t.co/9Cq4sjpI40 at 19 CET. Can't wait to perform my #Eurovision entry Tears Getting Sober and some of my favourite songs for you. See you soon! @bg_eurovision @eurovision https://t.co/V0YhyZETyq reageer retweet
abonnementen ibood.com bol.com
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