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163650 crew  Greys
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De songfestivalwinnaar van 2017, Salvador Sobral, is gisteren na vier maanden (!) ziekenhuisopname ontslagen uit het ziekenhuis na een succesvolle harttransplantatie.

Vertaald bericht van zijn Facebookpagina:

Het is met grote voldoening dat we u kunnen mededelen dat Salvador Sobral is ontslagen in de middag van gisteren, 11 januari 2018. De zanger maakte een zeer bevredigend en ongecompliceerd herstel.

Zoals gebruikelijk, behoudt het in de postoperatieve periode van de transplantatie een beperking van blootstelling aan grote aantallen mensen. Bij voorbaat dank voor het respect voor deze ruimte met een fysieke afstand. Laten we de knuffels vermijden. Salvador voelt zich door u allen omhelsd.

Binnenkort zullen we nieuws hebben over de terugkeer naar het podium!

Bedankt voor de warmte en begrip.

Die staat in mei gewoon met zijn nieuwe hart op het Eurovisiepodium in Lissabon denk ik hoor!

Geweldig nieuws. _O_ *O*

Koutist in opleiding.
Eindelijk goed nieuws *O*
De Sahara is zonder meer erg droog.
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351614 crew  ijs_beer
IJskoud de lekkerste.
Gelukkig, goed nieuws.
Op donderdag 15 juni 2017 16:53 schreef Cyan9 het volgende:
IJsbeer is inderdaad officieel cute. :D
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163650 crew  Greys
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Koutist in opleiding.
And the man in the back said Everyone attack and it turned into a ballroomblitz
Pff dat wordt een emotioneel maar mooi optreden.
Life can be a bitch, so like it..
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Bestiality sure is a fun thing to do. But I have to say this as a warning to you:
With almost all animals you can have a ball, but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
  zaterdag 13 januari 2018 @ 06:08:23 #8
345170 Roger_Epiales
Witte vleugels Zwarte vleugels

Hopen dat hij eruit blijft. :7
Reality is for people who can't imagine anything better.
Feel free to insult me.
  Moderator dinsdag 23 januari 2018 @ 15:41:55 #9
163650 crew  Greys
Salvador beantwoordde wat vragen van BBC:


Singer Salvador Sobral was victorious at the Kiev event last summer and had planned to be in Groningen too this weekend to help pass on the Eurosonic baton to the Danes.

Sadly, he can’t make it as he is still recovering from a successful heart transplant operation but he was happy to answer our questions about a crazy 12 months for himself and Portuguese music.

Hi Salvador. We hope you are well? First of all how is your recovery from your operation going?

Hello there! Fortunately I'm recovering well, I'm hoping to be able to perform by May. Fingers crossed!

What are your reflections on the Eurovision win? How was your life changed since then?

My life changed completely since then. I didn't sell many records before and I was okay with it, I knew the music I made wasn't going to sell a lot. But then Eurovision happened and people immediately welcomed me and my album.

Then I recorded a live album and it is now the most sold album in Portugal. A jazz album that has a six-minute drum solo in it. For me that is the biggest achievement.

For this year, I'm thinking about a new album, and of course I want to tour as much as I can.

We had hoped to meet you at Eurosonic. How great was it for Portuguese music to be named as the focus country for last year’s event? Has it been good exposure for bands/artists in Portugal?

I think Portugal is now very trendy. Winning the European Championship, Eurovision, the tourism increasing, the economy rising, even the fact that Madonna moved here. Portugal is the focus of Europe now so I feel it is only natural that such an event would also choose us as their focus country.

Was 2017 the best ever year for Portuguese music?

I don't feel I have the authority to say that it was the best year but I know Portuguese music is going through a good phase. People in Europe are finally starting to pay attention to what we do here. And we have wonderful music.

Not just Fado. For example Antonio Zambujo who is an incredible mixture of many influences. Mayra Andrade, Luisa Sobral, Samuel Uria, Capitão Fausto.....

Are you going to be in Lisbon for this year’s Eurovision?

Yes hopefully I will be there and ready to perform! Thank you!

*O* *O* *O*
Koutist in opleiding.
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