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  dinsdag 6 januari 2015 @ 15:09:16 #301
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• Insubstantial changes have been in the volcanic eruption in Holuhraun over the last few weeks. The lava is now both flowing inside a closed channels and on the surface of the lava field. Data collected in flight over the lava field on 30th of December show that the volume of the lava field in Holuhraun is about 1,15 cubic kilometre.
• Seismic activity in Bardarbunga continues to be strong, but it has though somewhat decreased. Total number of earthquakes in Bardarbunga from the last meeting of the board, on the 30th of December, is just over 250. About 20 earthquakes were between M4,0-5,0. The strongest one was M4,9 last night, 5. December, at 21:53. About 50 earthquakes were detected in the dyke of the same period, most of them smaller then M1,0. One earthquake was M2,0 yesterday, 5. January, at 02:26.
• Seven earthquakes were detected in Tungnafellsjokull glacier during the period. The strongest one was around M3,0 on 30. December at 16:51.
• GPS measurements near northern Vatnajokull glacier show continuing slow deflation towards Bardarbunga. The rate of the deflation continues to slow down.
• The GPS station in Bardarbunga caldera show that the caldera continues to subside. The rate of the subsidence continues to slow down and is now around 13 cm per day.
Hier gaan we verder met de reeks: WKN / [ACTUEEL] Vulkanen IJsland #21: Uitbarsting Bardarbunga
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