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De termijn om bezwaar in te dienen bij de PJ wegens het sluiten van de zaak was op 20 september verstreken, het wordt meer en meer duidelijk dat er dingen niet kloppen.
met name door de interviews met Amaral, de schrijver van het boek over Maddy, voormalig coordinator van de zaak in Portugal.

Diagram of the McCanns' apartment by Correio da Manhã
Regarding the diagram, produced by Correio da Manhã, there are a few mistakes: for example, the sofa should be placed under the left window, there, exactly at the middle of the window, human blood and cadaver scent was found. The window in the twins and Maddie's bedroom, which is annotated in the diagram with a dog is wrong - the cadaver scent was found on the opposite side of the apartment, outside, in the small garden or backyard . Through investigation it was established that no one had died in the apartment prior to that day, so the scent and blood, which indicated a partial match to the genetic profile of Madeleine, provides the conviction that she was the one that died there. The closet in the McCanns bedroom was big enough to hide a corpse inside.
Hierboven kun je zien waar de snifferdogs Eddy en Keela hebben gereageerd.

Een uitgebreide timeline:
Madeleine's timeline for 03 May 2007, based on statements made by Kate and Gerry McCann to the Portuguese police on 04 May 2007

Note: Neither Kate nor Gerry's statements talk explicitly about Madeleine's movements on 03 May, they refer instead to the usual routine and is left to us to presume, rightly or wrongly, that 03 May followed the same course as previous days.

Time Location
07:30 - 09:00 Breakfast in the apartment and preparation for Kids Club
09:00 - 09:30 Gerry takes Madeleine to the Kids Club (Jane Tanner reports that Kate was at the tennis courts during this time with Dianne Webster)
09:30 - 12:30 Kids Club activities
12:30 - 13:30 Collected by parents for lunch in the apartment
13:30 - 14:40 Time spent beside swimming pool with parents (Jane Tanner reports seeing the McCanns and children on the playground beside the tennis courts at 14:00. She says the McCanns stayed there until 14:40, when they took their children back to the Kids Club)
14:40 - 17:00 Return to Kids Club
17:00 - 17:30 Kids Club teatime, at the Tapas restaurant/bar, under the parents supervision. Based on current statements, it is unclear who collected Madeleine. Jane Tanner says she saw Kate jogging on the beach at 17:15.
17:30 - 19:30 The usual routine suggests that Madeleine was allowed to play in the playground area beside the tennis courts, just outside the Tapas bar, under her parents supervision. Tired out, she would then be bathed and made ready for bed. We don't know if that happened on 03 May. But we do know, from CCTV evidence, that the rest of the 'Tapas Seven', with their children, were at the Paraiso restaurant at 17:59 on 03 May and that neither the McCanns, nor their children were there.
18:30 David Payne is alleged to have checked on Kate and seen Madeleine in her pyjamas ready for bed. However, this crucial incident is not mentioned at all by Payne in his first police interview. Neither is it mentioned by anyone else, in the statements we've seen so far.
19:30 - 20:00 Put to bed, with Kate and Gerry waiting until 20:30 before leaving for tapas restaurant and bar
21:05 - 21:15 Observed to be asleep by Gerry McCann
22:00 - 22:30 Reported missing by Kate McCann

Kate McCann's timeline for 03 May 2007, based on statements made by Kate and Gerry McCann to the Portuguese police on 04 May 2007

Note: Neither Kate nor Gerry's statements talk explicitly about their movements on 03 May, they refer instead to the usual routine and is left to us to presume, rightly or wrongly, that 03 May followed the same course as previous days.

Time Location
07:30 - 09:00 Breakfast in the apartment and preparation of children for the Kids Club
09:00 - 09:30 According to Jane Tanner, Kate arrives at the tennis courts at 09:00, with Dianne Webster, and waits for Tanner to finish her lesson at 09:30
09:30 - 10:00 Kate has tennis lesson, with Tanner observing
10:00 - 12:30 ???
12:30 - 13:30 According to the usual routine, the children are collected for lunch back in the apartment - it is not specified who collected them on 03 May.
13:30 - 14:40 Time spent beside swimming pool with the children (Jane Tanner reports seeing the McCanns and children on the playground beside the tennis courts at 14:00. She says the McCanns stayed there until 14:40, when they took their children back to the Kids Club)
14:40 - 15:45 ??? - possibly preparing for/playing tennis with Gerry (see next entry)
15:45 - 17:15 Observed by Jane Tanner to be playing tennis with Gerry at 15:45 - this is not mentioned by either Kate or Gerry in their statements, so it remains unclear when they started and finished.
17:15 - 17:30 Jane Tanner says she saw Kate jogging alone on the beach at 17:15. This was the Kids Club teatime.
17:30 - 19:30 ??? - We know from CCTV evidence that the rest of the 'Tapas Seven', with their children, were at the Paraiso restaurant at 17:59 on 03 May. Neither the McCanns, nor their children were there. In addition, neither Kate nor Gerry offer any clarity on their whereabouts beyond stating that the usual routine was for the children to play for a while in the playground beside the Tapas bar before being bathed and prepared for bed.
18:30 David Payne is alleged to have checked on Kate and found her dressed only in a bath towel. This incident is not mentioned by either Kate or Payne in their first police interviews.
19:30 - 20:30 The children put to bed. Kate and Gerry stay in their apartment to relax until 20:30. Kate took a bath, did her make-up and drank a glass of New Zealand wine with Gerry.
20:30 - 22:00 At the Tapas bar/restaurant (Meal served at 21:00 according to Tanner)
22:00 - 22:30 Undertakes 'check' on Madeleine and reports her missing
Vooralsnog is er op het moment weinig nieuws, enkel een nieuwe sighting in Spanje:
New Madeleine McCann sighting at Spanish resortBritish holidaymakers claim to have seen a girl resembling missing Madeleine McCann on the Spanish island of Majorca, reports claim.

According to the Sun a UK couple told police of the similarity between a girl seen with two women last Sunday at Cala d'Or.

They only reported the sighting after first returning to their hotel room to check internet pictures of Madeleine.

The Sun said police had so far been unable to locate the girl seen by the UK tourists.

"Officers are looking in hotels and holiday apartments to try to locate the young girl this couple saw," a police source told the tabloid.

"So far we have not been able to find her.

"The couple's account was detailed and there were no contradictions in their statements.

"However, we are aware of the numerous previous sightings all over the world that have turned out to be false and it could well be that the couple have made an honest mistake."

Madeleine was three when she disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, the Algarve, Portugal, in May last year while her parents Kate and Gerry dined at a nearby restaurant.

There have been hundreds of sightings of Madeleine across Europe and north Africa since she went missing.
Gezien het aantal vieuws en het toch nog af en toe in het nieuws komen van de zaak, met name als Amaral een inteview geeft of er weer een statement wordt afgelegd, de nieuwe sighting in Spanje en het gedoe om het Maddy-fund zou ik toch nog graag een topic openen, als het niet loopt of er niets meer in het nieuws komt over de zaak kan hij dicht, voorlopig is er echter nog bijna dagelijks wel iets in de pers over de zaak en we (Suko en ik zei de gek) hebben gezegd dat we door zouden gaan tot Madeleine gevonden was of er niets meer over de zaak verschijnt, dussss.........
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* Vermist meisje in Portugal is waarschijnlijk begraven.

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Toch nog een topic . En net als bij het vorige topic blijf ik tegen beter weten in toch hopen dat het de laatste is.
Het blijft me toch bezighouden. Ik kan het zelf niet verklaren waarom ik dit niet los kan laten. Het heeft te maken met het gevoel dat er klassejustitie plaats heeft gevonden en de verbijstering dat het allang niet meer om Madeleine zelf lijkt te gaan. Ik blijf het dus volgen.
So much alone, so deeply by ourselves,
So far beyond the casual solitudes
Wallace Stevens
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Op zondag 28 september 2008 13:44 schreef livelink het volgende:
Toch nog een topic . En net als bij het vorige topic blijf ik tegen beter weten in toch hopen dat het de laatste is.
Het blijft me toch bezighouden. Ik kan het zelf niet verklaren waarom ik dit niet los kan laten. Het heeft te maken met het gevoel dat er klassejustitie plaats heeft gevonden en de verbijstering dat het allang niet meer om Madeleine zelf lijkt te gaan. Ik blijf het dus volgen.
Inderdaad, Livelink, dat is ook de reden dat ik er nog maar 1 heb geopend, misschien tegen beter weten in maar het blijft een heel vreemde zaak, degene waar het om gaat, Madeleine, is al heel lang een beetje buiten beeld, het gaat nu om gekwetste ego's het winnen van de publieke opinie en tabloid bingo zoals Anorak het uit drukt.
Hoe krijgen ze de zaak in beeld en wie komt er het slechtst af in dat bericht.
Steeds als de boel op een laag pitje komt te staan dan gebeurt er iets, nu weer de sighting in Spanje, weer iemand zijn 15 minutes of fame of toch een serieuze claim......
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Ha nieuw deeltje
  zondag 28 september 2008 @ 14:30:13 #5
68576 eleusis
fokked op kidz
Ik mis het plaatje met de Tapas bar
Ik in een aantal worden omschreven: Ondernemend | Moedig | Stout | Lief | Positief | Intuïtief | Communicatief | Humor | Creatief | Spontaan | Open | Sociaal | Vrolijk | Organisator | Pro-actief | Meedenkend | Levensgenieter | Spiritueel
Mooi zo Kahaarin!

Wat betreft die sighting, alle sightings eigelijk. Altijd zijn ze maanden later, of there blood is running cold, ze weten zeker dat het Madeleine was etc etc En nu gaan twee vrouwen maar eens eerst uitgebreid op internet zoeken om te kijken of het misschien Madeleine is. Gaan dan terug naar het strand en what do you know, ze zijn weg...Ten eerste is uiterst vreemd dat ze niet eens weten hoe Madeleine er uit ziet, iets wat al 1 1/2 jaar in het nieuws is all over the world, ten tweede had één van hen daar moeten blijven om 'Madeleine' in de gaten te houden en desnoods anderen te alarmeren (iemand heedt echt wel een mobile bij zich), maar nee, niets van dat al. Ten derde, niemand is zo gek om Madeleine zo openbaar mee tenemen en nog weg in een groep. En ten vierde, als dit vrijwel hetzelfde verhaal in zoveel kranten staat dan kan je er donderop zeggen dat de email/fax e.d. van Mitchell weer heftig staat tekeer gaat...Maar ja, iedereen weet onderhand wel hoe het zit, net wat Kahaarin schrijft...Tabloid-bingo. Tjonge...Clarence Mitchell wordt ook een beetje moe geloof, running out of stories, you cheeky devil! Er zijn andere dingen te doen Mitchell, overtuig Kate ervan dat er nog wat vragen liggen, en dat er nog een reconstructie moet worden uitgevoerd etc etc....

Laten we Madeleine zelf eens aan het woord laten...Madeleine McCann: If she could ask questions, what might they be?

+++ The McCanns Did Not Physically Search for Madeleine +++ (57 sec uit een interview met BBC Jane Hill)
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You are my sunshine......
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Op zondag 28 september 2008 14:30 schreef soylent het volgende:
Ik mis het plaatje met de Tapas bar
Dat boycot ik,
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You are my sunshine......
Nou, de sighting in Spanje is niet zo'n circus als de vorigen, er wordt niet veel over geschreven, de commotie om de vermeende link naar halo3 is wel een hot item blijkbaar, zoals eerder gepost zegt bungie dat het een toeval is. Natuurlijk is men het daar in GB niet mee eens, alle maddie's zijn Madeleine, ook al heet ze niet eens zo (Gone baby gone.) in de film. Tabloid bingo anyone?
Madeleine McCann: Our Danny Baldwin And Using Maddie For PR

MADDIE WATCH - Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

NEW ZEALAND HERALD: “TV Review: Out of the treacle comes trouble for everyone”

If anyone has wondered whatever happened to Coro’s cheeky cockney Danny Baldwin (Bradley Walsh), who went missing from the soap not long ago, here he is…

Where’s Our Danny?

“…playing a cheeky cockney in the missing-child drama Torn, which started on TV One last night.”

Any good?

When Torn screened in Britain a year ago, there was some debate over its merits because of the Madeleine McCann case.

With or without Our Maddie, it was dire… “it was like wading through treacle… Or like running up and down a beach in thick sand.”

PC WORLD (online): “Bungie accused of using Madeleine McCann case to promote Halo – ‘Maddie, where are you?’”

PC World… Isn’t that where Gary Glitter took his hard drive to?

In an unfortunate cross-cultural coincidence, Halo developer Bungie has inadvertently drawn parallels to a famous child abduction case to promote its new Halo 3 expansion pack. In a new teaser trailer, which depicts a war-torn city landscape, various messages flash up on the screen, including one that asks “Maddie, where are you?”

Cross-cultural? Our Maddie is international…

For many people, particularly living in Britain, this seemingly innocuous phrase will bring back memories of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a three-year old British girl who was allegedly abducted from a Portuguese resort while on holiday with her parents. At the time of the abduction, the slogan “Find Maddie” and “Where’s Maddie?” featured prominently in British newspapers and international publicity campaigns around the world.

Innocuous? A missing child and some PR. What a coincidence, indeed. Still, Halo 3…

Bungie has denied any intent to create publicity by exploiting the McCann disappearance, with a representative claiming “This is both an unfortunate and unintended coincidence” on the official Halo forum.

Of course it is.
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Indeed, "Bungie has denied any intent to create publicity by exploiting the McCann disappearance, with a representative claiming “This is both an unfortunate and unintended coincidence” on the official Halo forum." Of course it is meldt Anorak terecht scherp. Niets is toevallig wat de McCanns cq Madeleine betreft, dat hebben we de afgelopen maaaaanden wel gemerkt. Het heeft alles te maken met marketing, dus geld. Keeping the brand Madeleine alive, met de kleuter zelf heeft het niets te maken, nooit geweest ook.

Maar die techniek is niet nieuw. Laat iets zien wat nauwelijks waarneembaar is maar wordt toch in je kop geplant. Gebeurde al in oorlogsfilms, met een bijna niet te merken propaganda. En natuurlijk reclame, een voobeeldje:
"Amerikanen zijn als de dood voor zogenaamde onbewuste beïnvloeding. Plaatjes die zo kort in beeld zijn dat je ze niet kunt waarnemen, maar die de bioscoopbezoeker wel aan zouden zetten tot het kopen van popcorn en cola, zorgden in de jaren vijftig al voor ophef. En nadat er een plaatje van een naakte vrouw in Disney’s ‘De Reddertjes’ bleek te zitten, moesten alle exemplaren van deze video uit de winkels worden gehaald. Dat het plaatje zo kort in beeld was dat het tijdens gewoon afdraaien niet te zien was deed er niet toe, want het zou de onbedorven kinderziel wel degelijk onbewust kunnen beïnvloeden.

Voor het aan de man brengen van producten lijkt deze methode echter ideaal. Mensen kunnen niet wegzappen of wegkijken, simpelweg omdat ze het niet zien. Ondertussen doet de boodschap tóch zijn werk. Of onzichtbare reclame echt werkt, is maar moeilijk te testen. Maar een groep Londense onderzoekers is wel weer een stukje dichter bij de ontrafeling van het raadsel van de subliminale beelden gekomen." >>> etc etc
Overigens was er al eerder sprake van een zekere samenwerking tussen Microsoft en de McCanns, er zou een extra Madeleine-button komen in één of andere programma (Facebook of MSN, weet ik niet zeker), heb daar niks meer over gehoord maar mogelijk zijn de contacten 'warm' gebleven. Zoals bekend weet bv Clarence Mitchell als geen ander hoe het publiek te beinvloeden, dat is jaren lang gewoon zijn werk geweest en zijdelings nog steeds en is daarin gewoon één van de beste. Laten we het maar ophouden dat zowel de McCanns als Halo 3 de publiciteit hebben gehaald wat ze helemaal niet erg vinden, integendeel....

+++ The McCanns Did Not Physically Search for Madeleine +++ (57 sec uit een interview met BBC Jane Hill)
Ja ja, of ze gaan aanklagen voor de poen of ze doen niks want de publiciteit is weer mooi meengenomen...imo.
Parents in appeal to game firm
Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 09:30
The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are calling for a "Maddie" reference to be removed from a new video game. Game developer Bungie has courted controversy after a teaser trailer for the new Halo 3 Campaign Experience flashed up with the phrase "Maddie, where are you?".

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, said they were aware of the reference. He said: "There is a brief glimpse of the phrase. "If this was designed to be a reference to Madeleine then that would be in very poor taste and deeply disappointing to Kate and Gerry.

"The game manufacturer has said it is a coincidence and we are happy to take that on face value.
"Having said that, we would like the reference to be removed or amended, but I don't know how possible that is." The game is an "expansion pack" to the highly successful Halo 3 – a science fiction shooting game published on the Xbox 360.

The minute-long trailer for the game features pods landing on a futuristic city. The view then moves to a helmet camera. Various messages and phrases flash up on the screen. The Maddie reference is visible for less than a second on three frames, but was spotted by British gamers.

They then posted it up on web forums. Bungie then responded to the concerns on the official Halo forum. A spokesman said: "This is an unfortunate coincidence but there is no connection between Bungie's game and the tragic disappearance of that little girl. "As always, all of the characters in our games are fictional. "Any similarities between real life and the characters in our games are purely coincidental. "That said, this is both an unfortunate and unintended coincidence." Madeleine, from Rothley, was snatched while on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, just a few days before her fourth birthday last May.
Snatched??? Daar is geen enkel bewijs van zoals in het eindrapport is gemeld, integendeel....maar ja, het is dan ook een krant in het verspreidingsgebied van de McConns....The Leicester Mercury .
En verder zijn er nieuwe foto's opgedoken van Madeleine McCann (met broertje Sean), er was nogal wat geharrewar op het 3arguidoforum waar en wanneer de foto's zijn gemaakt. De poster zelf: "With regards the origins of the pictures, this is the first site anywhere that I have seen them posted on. I should add that the man looks like 'Brian Healy' and not 'Uncle Brian' Kennedy as stated. The pictures came off an interview on CTV that was conducted on the phone between the studio and Aunty Norah in Vancouver. I assume that as the pictures came up during the interview as a visual narrative to accompany the phone conversation, then the pictures probably came from Aunty Norah originally and were emailed as attachments to the studio, for transmission with the interview."

Duidelijk is wel dat ze hoogst waarschijnlijk niet zijn gemaakt tijdens de reis naar Vancouver dit jaar, maar vlak voor de 'vermissing.'

>>> Madeleine - DNA / Forensic Science Service <<<
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You are my sunshine......
Oh wat een heerlijk sarcastisch stuk dit:
Madeleine McCann And The Polish Connection
MADDIE WATCH - Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

The New (Poland): “Polish link in missing Madeleine McCann case”

Poland should not miss out…

Police in Poland have investigated whether a Polish couple from Warsaw were involved in the kidnapping of the four-year old British girl Madeleine McCann in May 2007.


“Two days after the kidnapping, Portuguese authorities asked us for help looking for the missing girl. According to their information, a Polish married couple were staying in the same hotel as the McCanns at that time,” a source within the Polish state prosecutor’s office has revealed to tvp.info Internet service.


The source also told the service that Portuguese investigators wanted the Warsaw police to immediately search the Polish couple’s flat to look for any clues.

Search their flat… because they are Polish..?

“We could not agree to that, because the mere fact that they were staying at the same place was not enough evidence,” the source explained.

But they’re Polish…

But tvp.info reporters have found out that the police in Warsaw did put the Polish couple under discreet police surveillance. As a result, any links between them and the missing Madeleine were disproved.

Such are the facts…
Het zal mij benieuwen hoe lang het duurt voordat dit nieuws opduikt in de McCann secties van het internet nieuws:
Ruim 120 arrestaties bij actie tegen kinderporno

MADRID - De Spaanse politie heeft 121 arrestaties verricht in een landelijke actie tegen kinderporno. De internetuitgave van het dagblad El Mundo berichtte woensdag dat miljoenen opnames en foto's in beslag zijn genomen. Daar zitten ook beelden bij die „uitzonderlijke agressie tegen kinderen tonen”.

Het onderzoek in deze 'operatie Carrusel' is vorig jaar zomer begonnen in samenwerking met de Braziliaanse federale politie. Er is een netwerk op het internet ontdekt waar pedofiele opnames werden uitgewisseld in circa 75 landen.

Onder de arrestanten zijn figuren van zeer uiteenlopende achtergrond en leeftijd, aldus de Spaanse recherche.
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Op woensdag 1 oktober 2008 12:10 schreef kahaarin het volgende:
Oh wat een heerlijk sarcastisch stuk dit:

Het zal mij benieuwen hoe lang het duurt voordat dit nieuws opduikt in de McCann secties van het internet nieuws:
Ha ha, ja mooi stuk, ook de commentaren, zoals deze, heerlijk:
* And are the Polish particularly swarthy ? And do they have faces ?They do dig up a lot of roads, so perhaps that is suspicious.
* Incredibly suspicious, I think you will agree…
* Wasnt it Brandon who knew a lot about polish?
* Jo, And Australians!
* polish and dusting, i think it was.
* Weren’t they called curly and wurly ?
* Curlish, Wurlish and Swarthish may be? I see we are getting nearer to THE truth… and only THE truth.

Verder (nog) geen connectie gelezen met de McCanns rondom die afschuwelijke kinderporno-zaak in Spanje waarbij ook een aantal familieleden hun 'eigen' materiaal produceerden.... Overigens hadden die Spaanse knakkers van Retardo Metodo 3 hier een vette slag mede mee kunnen maken, maar ja, die hebben van de McCanns Brian Kennedy een andere opdracht in the pocket....Iemand spreekt hier Gerry McCann direct op aan nav dit bericht op Sky: "...and it makes me wonder how much longer news outlets like Sky can continue to report this type of thing on the one hand and their assertion that Madeleine McCann was snatched by paedos on the other hand without questioning why her image isn't ever found amongst the millions of images seized! Come on, Gerry...you seem to think you are the world's foremost expert on paedo gangs and stranger abductions...tell us why Madeleine's image is the only one not being traded by these sickos!"
En om wat tegenwicht te krijgen en het internet-archief aan te vullen:
Was it the Portuguese and English governments that decided to sabotage the investigation and to get the McCanns “off the hook”?
by Domingos Amaral*
Now that the Maddie case has been archived by the Public Ministry due to a lack of evidence; now that the process has been opened for public consultation; and now that the PJ inspector who coordinated the investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, has already published a book about the issue, it has become possible to list my conclusions about the case. Here they are:

1 – Contrary to what was suggested by the British press, which presented him as a negligent policeman who spent his life in long lunches, washed down with plenty of wine, and with little investigative capacity, the impression that I got from Gonçalo Amaral, both from the tv interviews and from reading the book, is that he coordinated a competent investigation, that followed the rules, that was neither biased nor tendentious, and that he did everything to crack the case.

2 – All the evidence that was collected by the PJ pointed, right from the first days onward, to the little girl’s death inside the apartment and the subsequent concealment of the cadaver, probably by her parents.

3 – The indicia that was collected, both from witnesses, and later from the DNA tests, pointed into that same direction.

4 – The behaviour of the little girl’s parents’ friends is very strange. There are contradictory depositions that seem to have been “built” to lead the PJ into the direction of the abduction theory. On the other hand, the fact that all of the friends abandoned Portugal in a hurry is extremely disturbing.

5 – The manner in which the little girl’s parents behave, speaking to Sky News on the same day and transforming the case into a media event, obviously forcing the abduction theory, is extremely surprising. It does not seem normal to me that a father and a mother, when confronted with the disappearance of a daughter, establish as their first and only priority to transform the case into a worldwide media event.

6 – Since the first hour, the English press accepted the abduction theory, which was communicated to them by the parents, without judgment. Like a brainless flock, they fell on Praia da Luz exercising enormous pressure on the PJ, suggesting that Portugal is a third world country, and complicating the investigation. We remember that it was an English journalist that “invented” the suspicions about Robert Murat, thus forcing the PJ to investigate him and to waste time with a situation that was lateral, but which suited the parents’ purpose.

7 – The fact that the little girl’s father is a personal friend to Prime Minister Gordon Brown led to the English government making available to the parents, media specialists who built and forced the abduction theory. It was a highly professional operation that used sophisticated marketing techniques, in the press and on the internet, with meetings with international personalities, which culminated with the visit to the Pope in the Vatican.

8 – This remarkable public campaign was accompanied by a political pressure behind the scenes, with the English government exerting pressure on the Portuguese government, in the direction of the abduction theory.

9 – For many months, it was evident that the PJ had lost the public opinion battle and that it was not prepared to handle a media and political pressure of such proportion. In terms of public communication, the case was very badly managed by the PJ and by the Public Ministry.

10 – Despite these tremendous political and media pressures, the investigation proceeded on the terrain and was approaching important conclusions, which clearly pointed to the parents’ guilt, at least of the crime of cadaver concealment.

All of these conclusions lead me to formulate two questions: Why were the directory of the PJ and the Public Ministry incapable of having the courage to accuse the parents, like the investigation suggested? Was it the Portuguese and the English governments that decided to sabotage the investigation and to let the parents “off the hook”?

Some day the truth will emerge, but for me, and even without bulletproof evidence, a case like this should never have been archived and those parents should be tried in court. source: Diário Económico, 01.10.2008 *Portuguese journalist and author. By Astro. Bron: NHS & The McCanns: Abuse of Power
>>> Kate and Gerry McCann - 'why would that be our fault?' <<<

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Clarence Mitchell gaat weer 'spreken' en ook nu weer zal iedereen aan z'n lippen hangen, vermoedelijk. Tussen aanhalingstekens is commentaar van de bron zelf:
Spokesman of McCann guest of the British Society of Editors
Clarence Mitchell, spokesperson for Kate and Gerry McCann, is one of the guests of honour for the next annual conference of the Society of British Editors, where the former director of the Media Monitoring Unit is scheduled as a speaker.

Amongst the other speakers, is Sly Bailey, boss of the Mirror Group, Carolyn McCall, Director General of Guardian Media, Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, and Christopher Meyer, President of the Press Complaints Commission.

The Society of Editors is an organisation that brings together more than 400 members and that, according to its internet site, defends values like the universal right to freedom of expression and the right of the public to be informed.

(Editor's note: Ok then, Clarence, why not stand up there and maintain those lofty principles by telling the public why the McCanns did not return to Portugal to help the police with a reconstruction of the events surrounding their daughter's disappearance?

Tell us, Clarence, why the McCanns allowed stories of sightings to be published when they knew they had been investigated and ruled out? It's all in the case files. And while you're at it, Clarrie, how did Kate know for sure that Madeleine had been abducted? Why was she absolutely sure that Madeleine could not have got out of her bed and walked out of the unlocked door? Just a few Clarence for you to be getting on with. I am sure there are lots more questions that people want answers to, answers the public, with their right to be informed, have not been given.)

In the case of Madleine's disappearance, the McCanns' spokesmen and lawyers have maintained regular contact with editors and directors of the major British newspapers. * On September 12th 2007, after Kate and Gerry McCann were officially constituted as arguidos, Justine McGuiness, their then spokesperson, and their lawyer Angus McBride, met with several editors and directors to whom they explained that the fact that the Portuguese authorities had not found Madeleine's body was the best proof of the couple's innocence.

(Editor's note: And the British editors and directors did not come up with a few cases to prove this was not how the law works? No body proves innocence? And Angus McBride, a lawyer, actually put his name to this bollox? Some things, as the cliché goes, you just couldn't make up!)

The next conference of British editors will take place at the Marriot Royal Hotel in Bristol, from 9th to 11th November. Vertaald van een artikel geplaatst door Duarte Levy
Link naar dat artikel waar de McCanns verklaren, September 29, 2007: "Find the body and prove we killed her." Bewaard op een blog want natuurlijk is dat artikel nergens meer in de Britse online-pers te vinden....Maar wat een belachelijk, berekenend én veelzeggend statement van toen de PR-dame Justine McGuiness, ook in sept 2007, omdat het lichaampje niet is gevonden dat dat het beste bewijs is dat de McCanns onschuldig zijn. (Er zijn tig strafzaken waarbij de verdachten werden veroordeeld ondanks dat het slachtoffer niet/nooit is gevonden) Hebben we dat maar met de McCanns afgesproken vorig jaar September??? Vanaf toen, Sept 2007, veranderde de toon ook van de Britse pers ná de ontmoeting met de editors, iets wat ze nog steeds doen, beppen met de editors and directors of the major British newspapers. De UK qua pers zou niet misstaan in het Oostblok.

Puntje nog: waar staat die British Society of Editors voor:
  • The universal right to freedom of expression
  • The importance of the vitality of the news media in a democratic society
  • The promotion of press and broadcasting freedom and the public’s right to know
  • The commitment to high editorial standards

    What a joke...

    Op 10 nov a.s. staat het volgende op de agenda van die club: 5.00 pm The big stories of the past year: the McCanns, Prince Harry and the Credit Crunch. Did we get the balance right?

    Ben zeer benieuwd naar de uitkomst...

    >>> Kate and Gerry McCann - 'why would that be our fault?' <<<

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    Het blijft een rare zaak...
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    Het blijft een rare zaak...
    Dat is het zeker. Daarom is deze kwestie nog steeds in de actualiteit. Niet (meer) vanwege Madeleine, bijna niemand gelooft meer dat ze in leven is. In feite is zij één van de velen die vermist is, helaas. Maar het is uniek te noemen dat een paar dokters als ouders en niet eens bijzonder, Kate McCann is parttime huisarts en Gerry McCann is Consultant Cardiologist (wie heeft ooit van die twee gehoord voor de vermissing, mogelijk moord of dood door schuld) er mee weg komen met behulp van de Britse overheid tot aan PM Gordon Brown aan toe. En waarom heeft men een PR-man (werkte eerst voor de overheid) ingehuurd als je niks te verbergen hebt? Van enige Britse medewerking om dit mysterie op te lossen is geen sprake, integendeel. En dát is eigenlijk de issue, waarom is er zoveel energie in gestoken om de Portugese onderzoekers zo dwars te zitten, niets qua achtergronden van de McCanns/Madeleine en hun vakantievrienden mocht worden onderzocht in de UK, ook de verzoeken vooraf voor enige info (die niet werden gehonereerd) duurden maaaaaanden, kostbare verloren tijd ging verloren. DNA-onderzoeken in de UK waren eerst nogal overtuigend, enige tijd later niet meer en onderzocht materiaal kwijtgemaakt' en/of tijdens onderzoeken vernietigd. Getuigen liegen en/of worden geintimeerd. En binnen een week na de 'vermissing' werd een fonds opgericht en een website opgezet, dat doet denken dat de McCanns niet verwachten dat Madeleine spoedig zou worden gevonden. In het eindrapport van het Portugese onderzoek werd verder vastgesteld dat er geen sprake is van een ontvoering, daar zijn geen bewijzen voor gevonden. Op 2 okt 2007 werd na één telefoontje van Gordon Brown, de leider van het politie-onderzoek, Gonçalo Amaral, van z'n positie ontheven, net op het moment dat hij bezig was met het onderzoeken van een aantal aanwijzingen. Heeft daarna ontslag genomen en een boek geschreven The Truth Of The Lie. Snippers (voorpublicaties) daaruit zijn reeds gepubliceerd in een aantal vorige delen van dit topic. Amaral meent dat Madeleine in het vakantie-apartement van de McCanns is gestorven en dat de ouders schuldig zijn aan een cover-up. Hij is op tour en steeds meer geeft hij iets prijs in interviews, speldenprikjes ook naar de McCanns. Het boek komt ook uit in de UK, de McCanns denken hem aan te klagen, iets wat Amaral helemaal niet erg vindt, laten ze maar uitleggen wat er niet waar is in zijn boek, hij geeft in hoofdzaak de feiten weer zoals ze zijn opgeschreven door de PJ. Dat wordt nog spannend straks....Hij concludeert verder dat dit geen politie-zaak is maar verworden tot een politieke kwestie.
    Op de site van Joana Morais
    Amaral in Vigo: 'Madeleine's parents are suspected of hiding the body'

    The policeman who handled the McCann case, before being removed, affirmed that there are indications of negligence.

    F. FRANCO / VIGO Before being removed from the investigation of the Madeleine case, the policemen who were involved came to very firm conclusions. Madeleine died in the apartment of the Ocean Club, there was a simulation of an abduction, the McCann couple are suspected of participating in the concealment of the body, death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident and there is evidence of negligence in the care and safety of the children.

    These are the final theses defended by Gonçalo Amaral, the inspector removed from the so-called Madeleine case, the child who disappeared in the Algarve on May 3, 2007. The Coordinator of the investigation yesterday opened the new season at the FARO Club with a lecture - "The Truth of the Madeleine Mystery," after being introduced by the FARO journalist, Ujué Foces. Along the same lines and responding to a question, Amaral made it clear: "If I had done the politically correct thing I would not have had to retire but a criminal investigation is only committed to the truth. It should not be concerned about political correctness. But in this case other, not strictly police issues, have prevailed."

    Amaral suspects that, five months after the incident took place on May 3, Portuguese political power had already decided on a strategy. "For me, the investigation was dead from October 2nd 2007, following a new English ultimatum. I have the feeling that the statements made by the national director of our national police sought to prepare public opinion for the inevitable, that is to say, the end of the investigation and the filing of the case."

    Responding to different questions, some generalisations, others specific, including some from Rosa Neira, the mother of the Vigo resident Déborah, who appeared dead in bizarre circumstances, Amaral also gave his impression on the McCann couple, the parents of the girl. "They are normal people, parents who have lost a daughter whom they certainly loved very much and for whom they have cried, and they feel guilty for that. The father wanted to save at least the rest of the family, the children who are left."

    The inspector was referring to the possible negligence for having left the children alone while they had a system of checking every so often but, above all, the suspicion of the concealment of the body falling on them.

    Amaral said that the fact that McCanns would be considered as "charged" created a turning point in the investigation between the Portuguese and English police. "There was a spoken understanding between two policemen to continue the line of investigation seriously, facing the possibility that her death had occurred in the apartament but, suddenly, the English changed course without any coherent technical explanation. It was always strange how the couple were treated, even after they were considered suspects, and the police information to which they occasionally had access."

    Concerning the participation of the media he said that "a global phenomenon occurred, never before seen, in which the British press acted with very suspicious organisation, maintaining the thesis of the abduction. They said many things, truths and lies, and attended, in addition to the duty of information, disinformation campaigns that sought to discredit the criminal investigation and those responsible for them, considering them as a Third World country."

    Questions that he had asked himself were reported or left hanging in the air: "How is it possible that a criminal investigation questions Portuguese justice, the Judicial Police and police cooperation between two countries with one of the oldest alliances in the world? What powers hindered and harmed such research? There is something disproportionate in this whole case... " Source: Faro de Vigo. Translation by Ines.
    Een poster vraagt zich terecht af: 2.10.08 Bron
    Gordon Brown and the sinister government involvement in the Madeleine McCann case

    Here's a very good post from 'Malena Stool' at The 3 Arguidos:

    Whatever the political reasoning behind the cover up of a missing 3 year old child goes across the whole spectrum of party politics, and may even involve the Official Secrets Act. Otherwise why are the opposition parties themselves not beating a path to Brown's door clamouring for answers from Brown and hastening the departure from power of the most odious and deceitful regime to be involved in an English Parliament?

    1. Just what hot potato is being tossed around causing D Notices to be slapped on the media reporting the truth?
    2. Why were MI6 involved from the outset?
    3. Why were the media allowed and encouraged to print blatant lies, xenophobic and libellous statements about Portugal, a sovereign and friendly state, indeed the oldest ally this nation has?
    4. Would they have been permitted to print such criminally stupid garbage if Madeleine had gone missing in America?
    5. Why wasn't Murat afforded the same embassy support as the parents who were also acknowledged as suspects? (Murat was however, only fingered as a suspect by a reporter and friends of the parents )
    6. Why did the Foreign Office interfere with and delay the passing of multiple items of information between UK and Portuguese police forces which may have been instrumental in locating the missing child?
    7. Why was the evidence of Eddy and Keela trashed?
    8. Why was the FSS evidence trashed?
    9. Why was Brown involved with the dismissal of Amaral?

    This is by no means a complete list of WHYS, just all I could put together in a 5 minute rant.

    Brown should come clean and tell the nation what or who is being covered up and why. Madeleine, a 3 year old child when disappearing, deserves that much respect at least.

    Discussion at The 3 Arguidos here and here.

    >>> Kate and Gerry McCann - 'why would that be our fault?' <<<
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    You are my sunshine......
    Hey hoi hallo, ben weer terug van een weekeindje weg.
    Ik kwam deze nog tegen, een rondje anorak, heerlijk neerbuigend maar helaas verder geen nieuws....
    Suko, is er nog iets gekomen uit de vertalingen van de Portugezen of zijn ze daar nog mee bezig? Het was wel heel veel natuurlijk.....

    Madeleine McCann: Paedos From Lamp-Posts, Hating Fiona Philips And JonBenet Ramsey
    MADDIE WATCH - Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

    QUEENSFERRY GAZETTE (Scotland): “We’ve been ad”

    A CONCERNED mum has spoken out about the potential hazards posed by new outdoor advertising boards. Janette Sheppard is also worried that other parents may think the boards are simply lamp-posts.

    Lamp-posts, for paedos to hide behind… Like those (G)litter bins…

    She said: “These have just sprung up – one is outside my son’s primary school. At first glance it would be easy to mistake them for lamp-posts, but they are actually advertising boards.”

    The wonders of modern technology. Who would have thunk it. Go on…

    “There is a small electronic strip at the top which could be used by the council to post information if a child goes missing. I believe the council also gets some revenue from the boards.”

    Making money from missing kiddies. For shame!

    “My concern, as a parent, is if the council thinks it’s appro-priate to put one of these boards outside a primary school. Our kids are already inundated with advertising – do they really need more? And what kind of advertising is it going to be?”

    Sweets. Peados. Guns. Snuff movies. You know, the usual kids’ stuff…

    A West Lothian Council spokesperson said: “The new signs are part of the Amberwatch system, which is designed to allow urgent safety messages to be relayed instantly to the local community. The similar Amber Alerts system in America has been credited with helping locate over 100 missing children, and the parents of Madeline McCann have campaigned to have such a system installed across Europe.”

    So there it is. It’s there to advertise when a child goes missing; and when a child doesn’t go missing…

    DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Review: My Sister, My Love by Joyce Carol Oates”

    Review: My Sister, My Love by Joyce Carol Oates - The unsolved murder of a child star is too close to real events for David Robson

    A child star… Get ready to be entertained…

    Novels based on real-life crime stories always leave a slightly queasy taste. Novels based on unsolved real-life crime stories leave an even queasier one.

    Hands over mouths; heres it comes…

    There are probably writers already working on fictionalisations of the abduction of Madeleine McCann, but it is hard to feel much respect for them.

    They don’t do it for the respect. They do it for the money; like the newspapers…

    The same applies, mutatis mutandis, to this ethically questionable piece by Joyce Carol Oates, inspired by a crime that was the talk of America in 1996, when a six-year-old child beauty pageant contestant called JonBenet Ramsey was found brutally murdered in the basement of her parents’ house in Colorado.


    IT’S Fiona Philips, GMTV’s soon-to-be ex-self-righteous-Labour-cheering-ultra-violet-toothed-baby-boasting-braying-nodding-head.

    FIONA Phillips is more annoying than the washout summer, chavs and Heather Mills.

    Mills isn’t annoying; Mills is entertaining.

    Her on-screen gaffes include telling the parents of missing Madeleine McCann: “There are light moments. You’ve acquired this odd celebrity status.”

    A gaffe? No way. This is the highest praise possible in the GMTV lexicon. GMTV renders everything it touches a celebrity: car crash victim, prime minister, doctor etc. are all touched by the GMTV celebrity wand. A celebrity… nothing bigger, nor better…


    1. Benefit scroungers
    2. The credit crunch
    3. Tailgaters
    4. Cold callers
    5. People reading over your shoulder
    6. Gordon Brown
    7. Fiona Phillips
    8. Being bloated
    9. Rising fuel prices
    10. Falling house prices
    11. The wet summer
    12. Middle lane drivers
    13. Constipation
    14. Bossiness
    15. Slow internet connections
    16. Being put on hold
    17. Pregnant women smoking
    18. Someone nicking your parking spot
    19. Stepping in dog poo
    20. Jehovah’s Witnesses
    21. Debt companies advertising on TV
    22. Skinny people who complain they are fat
    23. Queue jumpers
    24. Bullying
    25. Noisy neighbours
    26. Nosey neighbours
    27. People parking in disabled bays when they aren’t disabled
    28. Junk mail
    29. Snobs
    30. Noisy eaters
    31. Dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets
    32. People putting our Olympic achievements down
    33. Novelty ringtones
    34. Automated phone systems
    35. Chavs
    36. People who walk slowly
    37. People who take their kids to shops and let them run riot
    38. Amy Winehouse
    39. Sienna Miller’s love life
    40. Rude shop staff
    41. Wasps
    42. Diarrhoea
    43. Cristiano Ronaldo
    44. People who have their mobile turned off when you really need to get hold of them
    45. Dannii Minogue
    46. Mosquitoes
    47. Kids kicking the back of your chair on a plane
    48. Hangovers
    49. The hot water running out when you want to take a bath
    50. Busses not arriving on time
    51. Heather Mills
    52. James Blunt
    53. Reformed smokers
    54. People talking on their mobile on public transport
    55. Headaches
    56. The smoking ban
    57. Toothache
    58. Litter bugs
    59. Spots
    60. People who write “text back” in texts
    61. Scientology
    62. Russell Brand
    63. Screaming kids
    64. Alistair Darling
    65. Traffic wardens
    66. Americans
    67. Roadworks
    68. Big Brother
    69. Pete Doherty
    70. Runny nose
    71. PDAs (public displays of affection)
    72. Flat tyres
    73. Ashley Cole
    74. Tax returns
    75. Finding out that you’ve run out of toilet paper when you really need
    the loo
    76. Boasters
    77. Not having change when you really need it
    78. Carol Vorderman
    79. Paper cuts
    80. Stepping in chewing gum
    81. Bad hair days
    82. Charley Uchea off Big Brother
    83. Mothers-in-law
    84. Cashiers giving you your change on top of a receipt
    85. Posh Spice
    86. CDs that jump
    87. Stubbing your toe
    88. Getting something in your eye
    89. Losing your glasses
    90. Cat hair that sticks to your clothes
    91. Children who cough in your face
    92. Losing your passport
    93. People ramming the back of your heels with trolleys
    94. Rubbish opening times at doctors and dentists
    95. Kate Garraway
    96. email spam
    97. People using mobiles in the quiet carriage on the train
    98. People who don’t remove their shoes in the house
    99. Naomi Campbell
    100. Troublesome computer printers

    And so on…
    be nice or go away
    Op zondag 5 oktober 2008 18:49 schreef yyentle het volgende:
    Jullie gaan weer door.
    Middag Yyentle, Kahaarin en de rest. Jammer dat Anorak in die top 100 deze miste, zoals een poster aanvulde:"101 The Mc Canns 102 The media 103 The tappas9." Verder terecht over die boards, only in de US zullen we maar denken...raar volk. Die vertalingen uit het Portugees schieten niet echt op, ze zijn veelal gescand op die DVD's van de PJ, een duivels werk dat uit te zoeken kennelijk. Voorlopig kan ik er geen chocola van maken. Bovendien vind ik het vervelend afhankelijk te zijn van een paar vertalers waarvan je niet weet of alles correct wordt weergegeven. Eén verkeerd woord of zin kan een wereld van verschil maken. Er is wel een centraal topic: Laffin Assasin's Reports on the DVD Heb het eigenlijk niet doorgenomen, te veel pagina's.

    @ Yyentle. Er was best nog wel ruimte voor nog een deeltje alhoewel het nieuws wat karig is geworden. Sommige posters elders suggereren dat de McCanns misschien met een boek bezig zijn, iets wat ze al eerder van plan waren. Zou best kunnen, mogelijk wachten ze op het uitkomen in de UK van Amaral's boek... Of ze zijn het land uit gevlucht, men is het stel spuugzat zo onderhand. Niet voor niets is er in hun straat(je) in Rothley een aantal huizen te koop.

    Anyway, ik herhaal nog maar eens het verhaal (gedocumenteerd in de PJ-files en gepubliceerd in de Correio da Manhã in juli van dit jaar) over vriend en vakantiegenoot David Payne die mogelijk wat pedo-neigingen heeft en ook over vriend en peetoom van de twins Jon Corner, die vorig jaar een docu over en met de McCanns maakte. Ook eerder in dit topic gepost.
    Drs David Payne and Gerry McCann, Leicester Royal Infirmary, suspected of paedophilia
    Twelve days after Maddie disappeared, a couple revealed the strange behaviour of one of the group’s members. Testimonies only reached the Judiciária in January this year

    David Payne, one of the McCanns’ friends that were on holidays in the Algarve on the 3rd of May last year, when Madeleine disappeared, was suspected of paedophile behaviours.

    The accusations were brought by a couple of friends that spent their holidays with part of the group in the summer of 2005 – themselves also English doctors. Twelve days after the British girl disappeared, Katherina and Arul could no longer keep the secret that had bothered them for two years and went to the police to make a statement. They revealed two conversations between Dave and Gerry, during which both revealed suspicious behaviour and indiciated sex with minors.

    According to what CM was able to establish, the depositions were given on the 16th of May. But they only entered the process in January 2008 and are included in the 13th volume of the process files. At that point in time, Kate and Gerry were already arguidos, the rogatory letters had already been issued and the English, including Dave, showed their reluctance in returning to Portugal.

    Touching the nipple

    Katherina made a statement that was eight pages long. She reported holidays in Mallorca with several English [people], including the McCanns and the Paynes. Two incidents left her with serious doubts about the friends’ behaviour and lead her to create suspicions that were never confirmed.

    The first one happened on a night when Gerry and Dave were talking about Maddie. Katherina does not know what they were saying but she remembers that Dave sucked on his fingers, pushing them into the mouth and pulling them out again, while his other hand traced a circle around the nipple, with a circular movement over the clothes. “That was done in a provocative manner”, recalls Katherina, who says that it stuck to her memory.

    Days later, the scene repeated itself. The doctor saw Dave making the same gestures again, while he talked about his own daughter. Scared, Katherina said nothing about the incident. But she took special caution, asking her husband never to let the doctor come close to the bathroom when her daughter was having a bath.

    Arul went to the police to tell the same story. Katherina’s companion confirmed the gestures that were made by Dave during the conversation with Gerry but asserted that he wasn’t aware that they were talking about Maddie. He did find the behaviour in extremely bad taste, but didn’t see it being repeated.

    The incident ended up forgotten in his memory and it was only the disappearance of Madeleine, who had also been with them on the Mallorca vacation, that revived it.

    During the deposition, Katherina went even further and said she had associated the gestures to someone who likes to watch child pornography. “I remember thinking whether he looked at the girls in a different manner”, she concluded.

    more details here

    Source: Correio da Manhã 19.07.2008, paper edition. Translations by forum posters Kazlux and Astro (here).
    En dan wat vreemde uitspraken van die Jon Corner:
    Link: Jon Corner: Maddie was "SO BEAUTIFUL" with "SPECIAL QUALITY"

    Jon Corner's very strange comment in Vanity Fair about three year old Maddie: “So beautiful, astonishingly bright, and I’d have to say very charismatic. She would shine out of a crowd,” family friend Jon Corner says of the child. “So—God forgive me—maybe that’s part of the problem. That special quality. Some bastard picked up on that.”

    Vanity Fair article

    Discussion at The 3 Arguidos here
    En dat er onder dokters ook pedofielen zitten is allang bekend, een artikel: Nine UK doctors suspended after viewing child pornography. Bron

    Het blijven merkwaardige foto's van Madeleine...

    (veel foto's hier).

    Eerdere interviews met Amaral:
    Amaral in Vigo: “In the Madeleine Case Politics Aborted the Police Investigation”
    Amaral in Vigo: “Justice is Possible for Madeleine McCann”
    Amaral in Vigo: 'Madeleine's parents are suspected of hiding the body'

    A detailed look at the events that unfolded during the early days of August when the specialist British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, arrived in Portugal. McCannfiles.
    En verder viel het al op dat Paulo Reis lange tijd niet meer met nieuws kwam, hij is ook in het bezit van die dvd's. Hij was met vakantie en heeft nu een baan als editor of a local Portuguese daily newspaper. En wat hier van te denken, als hij blijft publiceren over deze zaak dan wordt hij voor het gerecht gesleept...
    News after a long absence
    Since early September, my activity in this page has been reduced. I came to Macau, on holidays, and I decided to accept a job offer. It is a full-time job, as editor of a local Portuguese daily newspaper, and I've been quite busy. I will keep posting, about Madeleine's case (*) but not with the same regularity. Soon, I'll have some interesting news, after a long and detailed analysis of the attendance sheets from the Ocean Club crèches. One of the aspects that surprised me is the fact that several registrations, on those sheets, have the time (and signatures) when children (not the McCann's kids...) were left there, but no signature and no mention about the time they went out. This detail raises doubts about the level of control that Ocean Club staff had, concerning children in their crèches. Either the control was not as good as they referred, or there is something strange with those attendance sheets.

    (*) I received a letter from Carter-Ruck, threatening to take me to court, if I don't stop immediately writing about the case - something I have no intention to do.
    Reacties zijn verder hier te lezen. Dat Carter-Ruck is een bureau van media-advocaten die de McCanns al een tijd geleden heeft ingehuurd...Onlangs nog over Kate's Dagboek (geld gedoneerd in hun fonds), en excuses van de Daily Express, ook weer geld aan dat fonds gedoneerd.

    Zo en wanneer slepen ze Gonçalo Amaral voor de rechtbank???? Zouden ze toch echt doen volgens Mitchell: ""Kate and Gerry are looking and watching at everything he does and will not hesitate to take legal action against him if he continues to act in this sickening manner." Last week Kate herself spoke angrily about Amaral. She said: "As a professional and a person he has been a disgrace." The Mirror vorige maand. Amaral heeft toch echt hele rake uitspraken gedaan: "Madeleine died in the apartment of the Ocean Club, there was a simulation of an abduction, the McCann couple are suspected of participating in the concealment of the body, death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident and there is evidence of negligence in the care and safety of the children." Bron

    Maar nee, dan moeten ze met de billlen bloot, lafbekken. En wanneer geeft iemand van hen eens een interview? Eerst was het een 'pact of silence' zei een vriend tijdens die arguido-periode van de McCanns en mochten ze ook niks zeggen, behalve natuurlijk de PJ/Amaral en het land als geheel te kakken zetten... Maar nu ze vrij en mogelijk blij zijn, waar blijven ze nu dan????? Waar is het wachten op????? Speak up!

    A detailed look at the events that unfolded during the early days of August when the specialist British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, arrived in Portugal. McCannfiles.
    Na alle prikjes richting de McCanns van Amaral via interviews komt er nu een documentaire waarbij het boek 'The Truth of The Lie' van voormalig leider van het politieonderzoek, Goncalo Amaral, de basis is:
    Filming for next 20 days Correio da Manhã
    * Maddie: Documentary for TV
    Paulo Marcelino 10 October 2008 - 00h30
    The book 'Maddie - The Truth of Lie' is the starting point for a documentary that is being filmed in the Algarve over the next 20 days. Goncalo Amaral, coordinator of the PJ in the process and author of the book, is not the only character to appear in the TV production.

    The documentary will be produced by Manuel Fonseca, of Valentine de Carvalho, and most of the filming will take place in Perth and in Praia da Luz, where Madeleine McCann disappeared from on May 3, 2007. "First we will work and then make statements. The formal announcement will be at another time," said Manuel Fonseca to CM, producer of films such as 'Koko' and 'The Private Life of Salazar'.

    Goncalo Amaral coordinated the first five months of the investigation, in one of the most media focussed cases ever. The inquiry eventually ended, this summer, at which time the former coordinator published his book, a pioneering work of police revelation that has sold about 200 thousand copies in Portugal. It has been on sale since September in Spain and will soon be published in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. "Everyone likes to see their work valued," said Goncalo Amaral, about the purpose of the documentary. Bron: McCannfiles
    Hopelijk ook mettertijd in Nederland te zien, zonder geknip!!!! Mogelijk wordt er een reconstructie van die avond qua checks van de kids nagespeeld etc etc.

    En verder een eerste analyse van de gegevens die tot nu toe bekend zijn en loopt van sept 2007 t/m febr t/m 2008. Bijeengebracht door Luz, poster van het 3arguidoforum: PJ FILES: Sep 2007 (PT/UK) / Feb2008(PT) - Analysis Reports Het zou fijn als al het geteut er tussen wordt weggehaald, nu worden topics onnodig lang en bijna niet meer te volgen. Ergerlijk ook dat er steeds posters (trollen) proberen het onderwerp te draaien, aandacht afleiden, ook in andere topics...grrr.

    A detailed look at the events that unfolded during the early days of August when the specialist British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, arrived in Portugal. McCannfiles.
      zaterdag 11 oktober 2008 @ 17:37:43 #21
    145755 kahaarin
    You are my sunshine......
    Op vrijdag 10 oktober 2008 21:14 schreef Suko het volgende:
    Na alle prikjes richting de McCanns van Amaral via interviews komt er nu een documentaire waarbij het boek 'The Truth of The Lie' van voormalig leider van het politieonderzoek, Goncalo Amaral, de basis is:

    Hopelijk ook mettertijd in Nederland te zien, zonder geknip!!!! Mogelijk wordt er een reconstructie van die avond qua checks van de kids nagespeeld etc etc.

    En verder een eerste analyse van de gegevens die tot nu toe bekend zijn en loopt van sept 2007 t/m febr t/m 2008. Bijeengebracht door Luz, poster van het 3arguidoforum: PJ FILES: Sep 2007 (PT/UK) / Feb2008(PT) - Analysis Reports Het zou fijn als al het geteut er tussen wordt weggehaald, nu worden topics onnodig lang en bijna niet meer te volgen. Ergerlijk ook dat er steeds posters (trollen) proberen het onderwerp te draaien, aandacht afleiden, ook in andere topics...grrr.

    hey hoi allemaal, hoe is het ermee? Was even afwazig vanwege een griepje, maar ben er weer.
    Wat een gedoe rond die files....
    In Anorak worden er nog net geen alu hoedjes uitgedeeld...
    Oh en lees het commentaar ook vooral, daar kun je zien dat de mensen die klagen over het niet vertalen van het boek van Amaral ook andere dingen openbaren.....
    Madeleine McCann And The Dawn Of Creationism
    MADDIE WATCH - Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

    In the beginning was the word. And the word was “Maddie”…

    THE INDEPENDENT: “Religion vs science: can the divide between God and rationality be reconciled?”

    And on the eighth day the media was created and Our Maddie did come to the fore…

    ‘A clergyman in charge of education for the country’s leading scientific organisation – it’s a Monty Python sketch,” pronounced Britain’s top atheist, Richard Dawkins, recently. The problem was that Reiss, as well as being an evolutionary biologist and population geneticist, is a non-stipendiary priest in the Church of England.

    Still dunno.

    The danger is that between the strident secularists and the fanatical fundamentalists some important middle ground is being squeezed out. “Dawkins sees religion as credulous, superstitious and prejudiced but mature religious traditions teach people to challenge all that,” says Tina Beattie.


    “Science will never offer an answer to the parents of Madeleine McCann. Nor will it ever be irrational to go to a Mozart concert, though science can never explain the genius of his music.”

    Mozart. McCann. Maddie. DNA. Science. Creationism. Maddie. Do you understand now..?
    be nice or go away
    Op zaterdag 11 oktober 2008 17:37 schreef kahaarin het volgende:


    hey hoi allemaal, hoe is het ermee? Was even afwazig vanwege een griepje, maar ben er weer.
    Wat een gedoe rond die files....
    In Anorak worden er nog net geen alu hoedjes uitgedeeld...
    Oh en lees het commentaar ook vooral, daar kun je zien dat de mensen die klagen over het niet vertalen van het boek van Amaral ook andere dingen openbaren.....
    Hoooooi Kahaarin, ja ken het griepverschijnsel, om me heen dan, veel gesnotter en spierpijntjes, ik hoop dat het aan mij voorbij gaat... Zeker een gedoe rondom die files, ik laat dat even voor wat het is, over elk merkwaardig feitje wordt weer een nieuw topic geopend. Ik hou de grote lijn een beetje in de gaten, maar ik vrees dat naast nieuws over Amaral, die met een dappere maar eenzame kruistocht bezig is, er weinig meer te melden valt.

    Wat bedoel je met 'ook andere dingen openbaren' in een commentaar? Deze misschien?
    -agw: Jo you are not gagged. We have no wish to suppress your right to freedom of speech. It is a fact that sometimes you stray into areas which are dangerous for you and for us. Other sites face exactly the same risks but lack professional legal or journalistic background staff to recognise those dangers. We welcome and enjoy your contribution and presence here. Without going into precise details there is one fact you should bear in mind. By far the greatest media for the communication of ideas is the English language. Goncalo Amaral’s book has been (or is being) translated and published into every major European language… but not English. Why do you think that is? Be careful how you answer…and that is the problem.
    Wel, we weten dat iedereen in de gaten wordt gehouden door de McCanns ingehuurde luitjes en niet alleen ter bescherming van hen zelf zoals wij alleen reeds weten. There is much to hide! Ik weet niet of Amaral's boek niet in het Engels wordt vertaald maar de UK-pers heeft het boek wel in het bezit, zoals de Daily Star meldt: "Chunks of the 221 pages have been translated into English and posted onto the internet. The book, seen by the Daily Star, includes photos from police files." Bron Reken maar dat dus niet alleen de Daily Star de inhoud van het boek kent.... En dan niets publiceren, als journalist kun je toch niet met goed fatsoen jezelf in de ogen kijken...

    En verder wordt het boek wel uitgegeven in de US en Australie, dus in het Engels zal het zeker wel straks te verkrijgen zijn bij Amazon en zo. Maar mogelijk alleen niet in de Britse bookshops. Belachelijk natuurlijk, mensen weten de weg toch wel te vinden. Maar in de UK kunnen de McCanns het boek kennelijk verbannen, handig wel...dan hoeven ze Amaral ook niet aan te klagen want dan moeten ze bewijzen wat er niet waar is in z'n boek...dat geeft alleen maar ongemakkelijke publiciteit en wordt zijn boek vanzelf een bestseller in de UK. Maar dat ze kennelijk zoveel macht denken te hebben dat boek van Amaral uit de schappen te houden zal ongetwijfeld veel vragen oproepen, kan niet anders.

    Aan de andere kant, er zijn ook veel feiten uit het boek gehouden, net als in het eindrapport, over de diverse achtergronden van de McCanns/Tapas 7 en Madeleine zelf. Veel blijft voor eeuwig verborgen, en misschien is dat ook een spintactiek. Laten de mensen maar denken dat alles in het boek is terug te vinden, dat is dus absoluut niet zo! Duizenden documenten zijn niet vrijgegeven, naast de 81 geheime documenten die de McCanns zelf 'mochten' houden. Wederom, niets is wat het lijkt, en dat is nou net de bedoeling....

    En verder is The Sun in de fout, de krant heeft een fake interview geplaatst met top criminologist in Portugal Jose Manuel Anes. Correio da Manhã schrijft: "The English Newspaper SUN published an interview yesterday with declarations attributed to José Manual Anes, regarding the Maddie Case, where he criticizes harshly the investigation. Contacted by the CM Anes said that it is al lie, guarantying that he has not spoken to the press for ”more than one year" and he says he is going to sue the English Paper." Joana Morais

    Uiteindelijk heeft een 3Arguidoposter dit ontdekt (en heeft dit ook José Manual Anes laten weten) dat The Sun een oud artikel gebruikte uit de Daily Mail uit december 2007.

    Als reactie op de poster meldt Jose Manuel Anes: "He said (and he called me madam, or google did ), that this article was even worse than the original (he used the word shameless or blatant) that it distorts the context of the original interview he gave to the journalist Manuel Catarino the author of the book "The guilt of McCann" and what he said at the end of his book. He says that he spoke originally in the context of methods of DNA analysis and the general errors that may occur in criminal cases in general not in the McCann case (in short he was giving his expert opinion on DNA methods generally as is I believe an area of his expertise).

    He states also the fact that this is also not a statement that has been paid for that he recals, he thanks me for bringing it to his attention, (calling it an unfortunate article) he said it has made him so sad that he is considering taking action."

    Wat een zooi bagger weer van The Sun en de Daily Mail...the British Trash-Press.
    A detailed look at the events that unfolded during the early days of August when the specialist British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, arrived in Portugal. McCannfiles.
      maandag 13 oktober 2008 @ 14:50:48 #23
    145755 kahaarin
    You are my sunshine......
    Maar goed vitamines slikken Suko.


    Die quote bedoel ik inderdaad, van de gekken dat mensen die posten op een nieuwssite hun woorden moeten wegen omdat ze adders in de problemen kunnen komen....
    Er is trouwens wel meer gedoe nu, de uitgaven van het Maddy fund liggen ook weer eens onder vuur.
    Madeleine McCann investigators 'claimed nearly £50,000 expenses in one month'
    The fund to find Madeleine McCann has become embroiled in fresh controversy after it was reported that private investigators hired in the search claimed nearly £50,000 in expenses for one month's work.

    Madeleine was nearly four when she went missing while on a family holiday in Portugal in May last year

    Photo: PAUL GROVER
    US-based firm Oakley International was taken on by the Find Madeleine Fund earlier this year on a £500,000 six-month contract.

    The company was chosen by double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who has promised to back the McCanns financially to help solve the mystery of the disappearance of their daughter.

    Oakley was hired to monitor a telephone hotline, carry out detective work and review CCTV footage from around the world of possible sightings of the missing girl.

    But Mr Kennedy became concerned by the level of Oakley's £43,500 ($74,155) expenses claim in the first month of the contract.

    The company's contract was terminated at the end of August after Mr Kennedy had become concerned at its lack of results.

    Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the Find Madeleine Fund, said that Oakley International was no longer working on the case.

    He said: "The contract with Oakley was just one among many that have been entered into during the search for Madeleine.

    "While Oakley did some valuable work, particularly in the early stages, its contract, like many others, has now come to a close.

    "The search for Madeleine is continuing, however, using other resources and the performance of other contractors is constantly reviewed and monitored.

    "Kate and Gerry and the backers will leave no stone unturned in the search for Madeleine."

    Madeleine has not been seen since May last year, when she disappeared from the family's apartment in the Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz shortly before her fourth birthday.

    Former police officers are now being interviewed by Mr Kennedy to take over responsibility for the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance.

    Mr Kennedy, 47, estimated to be worth about £250million, made his money in double-glazing and home-improvement ventures with companies including Everest windows.

    He became involved with the McCanns after being moved by their plight during the period they were made formal suspects – arguidos – in Madeleine's disappearance.

    Portuguese prosecutors dropped the couple's arguido status in July.

    A spokesman for Oakley International said: "We carried out our instructions from the Fund professionally and responsibly in accordance with our agreement."
    Goh, een hele firm die cctv footage van ik weet niet hoeveel camera's bestudeerd geven ze hun geld niet aan uit maar het Amber alert mag wat kosten.....
    be nice or go away
    Hooi Kahaarin, nee ben nog virusvrij terwijl anderen om mij heen bij bosjes omvallen...Ha! (ff afkloppen...) Anyway, dat het contract afliep van die Oakley-luitjes is niks nieuws, alleen dat ze iets meer declareerede, dat is foei natuurlijk... Maar ik geloof er niks van, verzonnen nieuws om de McConns weer in het nieuws te houden. Zo'n gewiekste zakenman als Brian Kennedy en één van de rijkste mannen van de UK, zal echt geen stom contractje hebben opgesteld waarmee gesjoemeld kan worden, no way!

    Gerry McCann meent, na lange tijd, z'n 'fans' tevreden te stellen met het volgende:
    News and Support

    From Day 528: 12/10/2008

    Day 528: First of all I want to apologise for not updating this blog for so long. I would like to assure everyone that this gap is not because there is little going on in the search for Madeleine. On the contrary, Kate and I have been incredibly busy over the last couple of months since the PJ files were made public. We and our family have always vowed to leave no stone unturned in the search for our daughter and knowing exactly what has been done and, more importantly, what has not been done is vital in planning our future strategy.

    Getting the files translated accurately is a time consuming and expensive process but essential to our search. There is a huge amount of information contained within the files which we have not been party to until now and this needs to be assessed carefully. This is even more important as the Portuguese investigation is officially closed.

    In some ways, although this task is monumental, it has been good for us doing being something active and positive which we believe may help find Madeleine. We are also using this period to get advice to maximise our effectiveness and efficiency in our overall strategy going forward. Keeping Madeleine’s image in the public eye will continue to be important and the distribution of posters is central to that aim.

    Finally we would like to thank everyone for their continued, support, prayers and letters. I promise to do another update in the near future. We will be looking at how the website functions, as the main portal of the find Madeleine campaign, and perhaps future updates will be via another route rather than my blog. Why don’t you let us know what you think by e-mail messages of support? Bron
    Een 3arguidoposter+Mod heeft daar een puntig commentaar op:
    From this blog entry I gather:

    1. The parents have paid for an expensive translation of the DVD, the cost no doubt having been borne by the people who donated to the fund. This is variously seen (within the same sentence) as them doing something active or it being something active.

    2. They have sought advice to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency in their overall strategy going forward. (This advice seems to have suggested that the distribution of posters might be undertaken.)

    3. There has been a summer recess so the Amber Alert has been on a back burner - no action there then - not that it assists in the search for Madeleine anyway.

    4. It would seem there has been some consideration also of the website and how it functions. The result of this is that Gerry's next update may come from some other source.

    So in the last few weeks:
    - publicity such as posters - none
    - assisting the police in the UK or Portugal - none
    - personal appeals/interviews - none
    - attempts to put out a clear and logical timeline of the night of the disappearance - none
    - demands to the Portuguese Authorities that the case be re-opened - none
    Ik voeg er zelf maar aan toe dat mensen helemaal niet naar de site van de McCanns moeten mailen, beste kans dat email-adressen voor andere doeleinden worden (mis)gebruikt...

    >>> Kate and Gerry McCann - 'why would that be our fault?' <<<
    Ik heb deze post van Spudgun even teruggetrokken, misschien plaats ik deze weer maar ik wacht eerst even deze discussie af, hij post een aantal antwoorden zoals deze die mij verontrusten. Ik wacht het af....

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