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Gliss Bio
GLISS is a band of three – we come from all over the world. David, Martin and Victoria. we started playing together in feb 2004. our first show – Star Shoes w / the Adored. We did a lot of gigs on the west coast, New York and in Europe. Shared the stage with : BILLY CORGAN on his 2005 Future Embrace European Tour. Also played with: Yeti (Libertines-bass), Youth Group, Marjorie Fair, Secret Machines, Giant Drag, and many more amazing bands.
August/September 2005: European festival months for Gliss along with: BRMC, Hot Hot Heat, Pixies, Goldfrapp, Nick Cave & the bad seeds, Prodigy, Magic Numbers & The Raveonettes. - - - - The songs of GLISS come together from the inside out. If you want to know who we are, listen. We are right here.
Recorded with Rick Parker (BRMC & The Shore).
In May of 2005 we did 4 of 5 Mondays for the hip ECHO RESIDENCY in LA. The last show was cancelled, because of the CORGAN TOUR. We flew to Europe to begin an amazing journey through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, France, Belgium, England, Ireland, & Denmark. Made lovely friends and fans along the way.
We have Released a few eps locally and now have our first proper ep – GLISS “kick in your heart”, and our first UK single “Halfway Gone”; release date: September 2005.
You can catch us on the radio on various stations throughout the Globe. Los Angeles stations include KCRW, KXLU and Indie 103.1 fm.
The press describes us as dark, sexy, psychedelic and fierce.
Come into our world, so we can come into yours. We hope to meet you along the way.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Gliss Melweg, Amsterdam, Oude Zaal 3/11/05
Posted on Wednesday, December 28

The opening act Gliss, a three piece from Los Angeles consisted of David Reiss on guitar, bass and tambourine, Martin Klingman on vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums and the Danish vixen Victoria Cecilia on drums, bass, background vocals, programming and b3 organ. The song highlight was the extremely catchy Halfway Gone, which was dream like with dark seductive rhythms, big bass fuzz, surfy guitar riffs and retro drums beats with of course lots of crashing symbols. All three of the members kept switching instruments and stage locations, hence the description above. Klingman’s voice sounded just as if he was the songbird teenage love child of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. His voice was hauntingly sexy, he had that just out of bed after a long night of drinking whiskey and attending beatnik poetry open-mic happenings. The band was selling their EP and tee shirts for the amazingly cheap price of 5 euros each after the show and I bought one of each gladly.

Similar Sounds: Death Cab for Cutie, The Raveonettes, The Kills, and Longwave

Roots Influences: My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Siouxsie and the Banshees. I highly recommend checking them out at : http://www.gliss.tv

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Het was 9 juni 2005 ik ging naar de Paradiso in Amsterdam om Billy Corgan te zien spelen, maar wat werd ik enorm geraakt door het voorprogramma Gliss genaamd. Zonde dat deze leuke band nog geen eigen topic heeft.
  maandag 16 januari 2006 @ 22:57:56 #2
42816 peaceman
Peace Man! ofzo...
klinkt interessant... zal eens wat proberen te vinden van ze...
DJ Peaceman op radio49
I love music |Ajax forever
Velvet Stars vind ik zelf het mooiste nummer

Ik heb iig net bij Amazon de EP besteld.
  Licht Ontvlambaar dinsdag 17 januari 2006 @ 22:28:01 #4
94264 Uzumaki_Naruto
Fearless Vampire Killer
  woensdag 18 januari 2006 @ 22:21:04 #5
42816 peaceman
Peace Man! ofzo...
Tis lastig om wat van die gasten te vinden...
DJ Peaceman op radio49
I love music |Ajax forever
Op woensdag 18 januari 2006 22:21 schreef peaceman het volgende:
Tis lastig om wat van die gasten te vinden...
I know

Via Limewire heb ik twee nummers gevonden en als je kijkt op Audioscrobbler zie je dat er daar maar 100 mensen naar Gliss geluisterd hebben. Dus erg bekend is het nog niet
Hopelijk worden ze snel wel wat bekender want ik wil meer horen

Velvet stars is mooi

En live zijn ze erg goed

Nog een plaatje dan

Nobody ever seems to remember life is a game we play
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