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Kwam dit tegen op het grote boze web *O*

In fifty-one they tried to ground the noble DC-3
And some lawyers brought the case before the C.A.B.
The board examined all the facts behind their great oak portal
And pronounced these simple words "The Gooney Birds Immortal"

The Army toast their Sky Train in lousy scotch and soda
The Tommies raise their glasses high to cheer their old Dakota
Some claim the C-47's best, or the gallant R4D
Forget that claim, their all the same, they're the noble DC-3.

Douglas built the ship to last, but nobody expected
This crazy heap would fly and fly, no matter how they wrecked it.
While nations fall and men retire, and jets go obsolete
The Gooney Bird flies on and on at eleven thousand feet.

No matter what they do to her the Gooney Bird still flies
One crippled plane was fitted out with one wing half the size
She hunched her shoulders then took off (I know this makes you laugh)
One wing askew, and yet she flew, the DC-3 and a half.

She had her faults, but after all, who's perfect in every sphere?
Her heating system was a gem we loved her for her gear
Of course the windows leaked a bit when the rain came pouring down
She'd keep you warm, but in a storm, it's possible you'd drown.

Well now she flies the feeder lines and carries all the freight
She's just an airborne office, a flying twelve ton crate
The patched her up with masking tape, with paper clips and strings.
And still she flies, she never dies, Methuselah with wings.



(van www.sierrahotel.net )

Kwam toevallig vorige week langs het luchtmachtmuseum in het Zweedse Linköping, waar een hele verdieping gewijd is aan de verdwijning in 1952 van een DC-3 op geheime missie. Natuurlijk neergehaald door de kutrussen. Wrak is in 2004 geborgen en aldaar tentoongesteld. Meer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalina_affair
Salivili hipput tupput tapput äppyt tipput hilijalleen
  dinsdag 28 juni 2022 @ 10:21:51 #2
465142 PluggieOD
Weetje wie pas erg was?

Die "Dakota Hunter".

Wat een hufter was dat zeg. Elke Dakota die die vond -waar dan ook- sloopte die en maakte die tafeltjes van.
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