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video: https://www.nu.nl/300880/(...)-diefstal.html#nujij

Een 'klant' van een winkel in de Australische stad Perth zag zijn plan dinsdag in duigen vallen. De man probeerde drank te stelen, maar de winkelbediende doorzag hem.

A would-be thief has been captured on camera giving up on stealing a pack of beer after being outsmarted by a locked door.

The footage, taken at Beechboro Bottle-O in Perth, shows a man cradling a ten pack of beer walk up to the counter.

At the last minute he changes direction and runs in an apparent bid to getaway without paying.

He is quickly stopped in his tracks by the shop door, which is automatically locked until opened by staff.

A quick-thinking employee informs the man he could either put the beer back or wait for the police.

The man fumbles with the latch before seeming to give up and placing the crate back on the store counter.

"He came to the counter like he was pretending to get served and just made a run for it," Kellie Gordon, the staff member, told 10 News First Perth.

"He didn't seem aggressive or anything I wasn't concerned... more of a defeat."

The man eventually fled the store and Ms Gordon called the police, but the individual is yet to be caught.
"He didn't seem aggressive or anything I wasn't concerned... more of a defeat."
Een van de minst gevaarlijke levensvormen in Australie.
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