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FeiyuTech is one of those brands that came to democratize gimbals to people (use to cost thousand of dollars). For those who doesn’t have a clue about gimbals this devices uses a combination of weights and motors to keep a camera steady while it’s in motion. That means you can walk or even run and enjoy much smoother video than you could just holding the phone in your hand. Today we’re gonna talk about FeiyuTech SPG C model.


With the mature anti-shake system, SPG c can effectively reduce the negative effects from the shaking of human body.
Whether vertical or horizontal shooting, SPG c can satisfy all you need. It is widely available to show more shooting ideas and capture the wonderful life.
Industrial design offers the hardware support the manual mode of Feiyu ON APP, under the combination of the up and down movement of joystick and the zoom button, SPG c can achieve the real time setting of focal length in the process of shooting.
Linking SPG c to the mobile phone by BT and just simply once setting can it realize self-synchronizing perfectly. Smart remote control support. (need to order it separately)


There’s an ancient advise “the best camera is the one you have in your hand” and that’s our phones, but in order to take the best shots the FeiyuTech SPG C gimbal is highly recommended. You can find this gadget at TOMTOP for half the price you would invest in Osmo Mobile or Karma Grip gimbals, to grab it at ONLY 100USD!
abonnementen ibood.com bol.com Coolblue
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