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Ik lees net dit krantenbericht over deze dame:
NEW YORK TIMES, Wednesday, August 2, 1939

Noted Yachtswoman and a Big Game Hunter of Early 90's Dies in Germantown
Twice Circumnavigated World in Own Yacht--Daughter of Late Thomas Drake

"Mrs. Charlotte Drake Martinez Cardeza, one of the survivors of the Titanic, which sank in 1912 after striking an iceberg in the Atlantic, died today at her home, Montebello, in Germantown. Illness had confined her to her home for the last four years.

Mrs. Cardeza was a noted yachtswoman and big game hunter and a member of one of Philadelphia's most prominent families. She once skippered the Eleanor, an ocean-going yacht, in stormy Caribbean waters. She was famed in the early Nineties as one of the few women big game hunters of that time.

Ordered over the side of the sinking Titanic on its maiden trip, Mrs. Cardeza refused to leave until an officer had made a place for her son, Thomas D. M. Cardeza, who was accompanying her. The family lost $30,000 in jewels in the disaster.

Mrs. Cardeza was the widow of James W. M. Cardeza, Philadelphia attorney, and the daughter of the late Thomas Drake, banker and industrialist.

In between her game hunting expeditions to Africa and Asia, Mrs. Cardeza twice circumnavigated the world on her yacht. She still found time to take part in society and social work and private charities were recipients of generous gifts from her. A patroness of the arts, she visited art galleries throughout the world in her extensive travels.

She is survived by her son, who lives at 305 West Chestnut Hill Avenue. He is a director of the Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company and the Zoological Society of Philadelphia and is on the board of several city hospitals. He is a noted huntsman and philanthropist.

Mrs. Cardeza had made her home at Montebello for 75 years. A brownstone castle-like wall with turreted towers surrounds the grounds.

Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at Christ Church and St. Michael's, Germantown, with burial in West Laurel Hill Cemetery."
Nu is mijn vraag, weet iemand wie zijn plaats moest afstaan voor Thomas D. M. Cardeza? En wat daar van geworden is?

Mrs. Charlotte Drake Cardeza
Niemand enig idee?
  vrijdag 29 oktober 2004 @ 13:27:13 #4
18917 Kiki
Honni soit qui mal y pense..
Op maandag 25 oktober 2004 20:23 schreef _The_General_ het volgende:
Niemand enig idee?
Ik heb gelezen dat ze aan de kapitein toestemming heeft gevraagd voor haar zoon.. maar ik kan ook niks terugvinden over dat een officier zijn plek heeft moeten opgeven. Waar had je dat gehoord dan?
Money talks, Bullshit walks!
In het krantenbericht dat ik op internet vond, zie mijn openingspost
New York- April 19- According to Mrs. W.J. Cardeza, of Philadelphia, after she had arrived at the Ritz-Carlton with T.D.M. Cardeza, J.Bruce Ismay was not only safely seated in a lifeboat before it was filled, but he also selected the crew that rowed the boat. According to Mrs. Cardeza, Mr. Ismay knew that Mr. Cardeza was an expert oarsman and he beckoned him into his boat. Mr. Cardeza manned an oar until the boat was picked up about two hours later.

Mrs. William Bucknell of Philadelphia, after telling of taking an oar in a lifeboat and rowing 'till her hands were blistered said:

"After being taken aboard the Carpathia, J.Bruce Ismay went to a cabin and remained closeted until waited upon by a committee of the survivors, who demanded that they be permitted to see him. One of the questions that was put to him was as to what the White Star and the International Mercantile Marine Co.'s intended doing in the way of reparation. To this Mr. Ismay replied that the company would do all in its power to make a partial repayment for the suffering of the survivors. Further than this he would say nothing."

Ik heb geen naam voor je, maar vond wel wat meer informatie in een krant uit 1912 over reddingsboot 3, waar de Cardoza`s inzaten. Trouwens hun personeel, een dienstmeisje en een butler (?) werden ook gered.

Geluk is niet afhankelijk van dingen buiten ons,
maar van de manier waarop wij die zien. (Tolstoj)
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