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0s.gif Op dinsdag 6 februari 2018 21:56 schreef alilami het volgende:
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1700 btc nu nog hebben! :9~
Op vrijdag 19 juni 2015 14:29 schreef Spooky4u het volgende:
Zoveel woorden voor iemand die je niet serieus moet nemen :')
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0s.gif Op vrijdag 16 februari 2018 18:35 schreef alilami het volgende:
Don't be like Bill

Hey Coinbase, I invested only what I was willing to lose, about 1600$ of my hard earned part time money flipping burgers at McDonald’s went into the crypto market 4 weeks ago and I saw great results, I go to the store and try to use my card and it gets declined, thinking it was weird, I checked my bank account and all of my money was missing. I had a comfortable 1400$ in there before you took it all and then some, I now owe -220$ and was forced to cash out my litecoins to cover the overdraft fees and bounced bill payments. I feel robbed, I am poor, I can’t feed my wife, I can’t put gas in my car, and I’m never going to get Litecoin at 122$ a coin ever again. I want to cry because my wife believed in me and the risk I was taking investing in crypto, but now I’m more poor than when I first started. To make things worse, while Coinbase was fucking over everyone, the markets where in a decline and I had to cash out during a dip and didn’t even make a lot of money. I didn’t even break even and I want to cry because all I wanted to do was have some extra money to finally buy my wife the wedding ring I always promised her.

Voor $1600 aan bitcoins kopen en dat er dan $3200 van je creditcard wordt afgeboekt is niet echt leuk leedvermaak. :{

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  vrijdag 16 februari 2018 @ 21:48:00 #28
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The one and Only!
1s.gif Op vrijdag 16 februari 2018 19:32 schreef RedFever007 het volgende:


1700 btc nu nog hebben! :9~
Die gast zal nu idd helemaal balen, 17 miljoen ipv 600
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