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  dinsdag 20 maart 2018 @ 23:00:49 #101
47122 ATuin-hek
theguyver's sidekick!
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0s.gif Op dinsdag 20 maart 2018 22:16 schreef DeMolay het volgende:
FF wat anders de voyager 2 zou met het verlaten van ons zonnestelsel enn rare glitch heeft meegemaakt ?

Die? :)
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0s.gif Op dinsdag 20 maart 2018 22:03 schreef ATuin-hek het volgende:


Heb je een verwachting wat er op staat? Telemetrie bijvoorbeeld?
Chuck denkt dat het een lijst is met knoppen en schermen op controle panelen.

Ik denk dat het lijst is met onderdelen voor de Saturn-V raket en bijbehorende controle panelen.

Zeker weten we het niet, daarvoor zouden we een Email naar NASA moeten sturen.
America went from a round Earth to a round Moon. Deal with it.
Had je dit al gezien?
NASA Destroyed Hundreds of Mystery Tapes Found in a Dead Man’s Basement

Overigens niks dan lof voor dit topic. ^O^
ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
  vrijdag 30 maart 2018 @ 14:19:24 #104
169715 Mano_
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Gister in Eindhoven Andre Kuipers aan mogen horen over zijn verblijf in het ISS _O_
Mooie plaatjes van ons blauwe bolletje waren ook goed vertegenwoordig.

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It might only be 3 inches, but it smells like a foot.
  vrijdag 30 maart 2018 @ 15:30:42 #105
47122 ATuin-hek
theguyver's sidekick!

Zometeen weer een Falcon heavy launch. Helaas geen landing deze keer.
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  maandag 2 april 2018 @ 19:01:20 #106
47122 ATuin-hek
theguyver's sidekick!
En vanavond 22:30 nog een launch:
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  maandag 2 april 2018 @ 22:05:42 #107
121348 Erasmo
f/8 and be there.
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0s.gif Op maandag 2 april 2018 19:01 schreef ATuin-hek het volgende:
En vanavond 22:30 nog een launch:
Owjah dat is waar ook, de laatste was pas vier dagen geleden ofzo? :P
  maandag 2 april 2018 @ 22:07:13 #108
47122 ATuin-hek
theguyver's sidekick!
0s.gif Op maandag 2 april 2018 22:05 schreef Erasmo het volgende:


Owjah dat is waar ook, de laatste was pas vier dagen geleden ofzo? :P
Dat was afgelopen vrijdag ja :Y
Egregious professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography
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60 years of NASA bullshit. Het lijkt dat Mr.Glennan veel meer met movie production en de military dan space technology/exploratie te maken had.
Creation of NASA: Message to Employees of NACA from T. Keith Glennan 1958 NASA

Employment biography of T. Keith Glennan

1935-1939 Operations Manager, Paramount Pictures, Inc.
1939-1941 Studio Manager, Paramount Pictures, Inc.
1941 Executive, Vega Airplane Corporation
1941-1942 Studio Manager, Samuel Goldwyn Studios
1942 Administrator, U. S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory
1942-1945 Director, U. S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory
1945-1947 Production Manager, Ansco Division, General Aniline and Film


The first administrator for the newly formed NASA worked in the Hollywood movie industry as a studio manager for nearly ten years and, after the war, for photographic film manufacturing company Ansco/GAF.

Ansco/GAF, in which Mr Glennan worked from 1945 to 1947, would in the 1970s provide the official photographic film material for Disneyland. GAF is also the producer of the popular View-Master toy line.

During his Hollywood years Mr Glennan was an executive both at Paramount and Goldwyn studios. The same Metro-Goldwyn studios later went on to produce the classic 1968 science fiction film 2001 A Space Odyssey.

As studio manager at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, Mr Glennan was responsible for "budgeting productions, lighting, sound, set construction, wardrobe, art, and film processing. Mr Glennan provided the logistics necessary to allow the studio's creative teams to stage their productions."

"Keith Glennan is credited with important innovations in the film industry during his time at Paramount, including the creation of the first full-fledged engineering department in movie production."


O nee, eh...
NASA counts down to launch of first spacecraft to 'touch Sun'

The probe is protected by an ultra-powerful heat shield that is just 4.5 inches thick (11.43 centimeters).
The shield should enable the spacecraft to survive its close shave with the center of our solar system, coming within 3.83 million miles (6.16 million kilometers) of the Sun's surface.
The heat shield is built to withstand radiation equivalent up to about 500 times the Sun's radiation here on Earth.
Even in a region where temperatures can reach more than a million degrees Fahrenheit, the sunlight is expected to heat the shield to just around 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,371 degrees Celsius).
Scorching, yes? But if all works as planned, the inside of the spacecraft should stay a cooler 85 F (29 C).
Description of heat shield:

The heat shield is made of two panels of superheated carbon-carbon composite sandwiching a lightweight 4.5-inch-thick carbon foam core. The Sun-facing side of the heat shield is also sprayed with a specially formulated WHITE COATING (Histor is excellent quality)to reflect as much of the Sun's energy away from the spacecraft as possible.

The heat shield itself weighs only about 160 pounds—here on Earth, the foam core is 97 percent air. Because Parker Solar Probe travels so fast—430,000 miles per hour at its closest approach to the Sun, fast enough to travel from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., in about one second—the shield and spacecraft have to be light to achieve the needed orbit.

https://phys.org/news/2018-07-cutting-e ... r.html#jCp

Met dank aan https://cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1735&start=15

Helaas 'n paar van de filmpjes zijn weg maar je kan ze wel via youtube zien .
In the new 'reality' we will be living in,nothing will be real and everything will be true-David A.McGowan
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