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Andoer 12inch LED digital photo frame can offer 1280 * 800 high definition auto slide show of photo/1080P video/music/calendar. It supports shuffle play repeat and auto play. Scroll caption can be added for advertisement. The frame is made of high quality and luxurious aluminum alloy. You can put in on table or hang it on wall.


1280 * 800 12inch LED backlit screen for auto slide show of photo/video/music/calendar/clock.
Support up to 1080P video play and scroll caption.
Support shuffle play, auto playand photo with background music.
Auxiliary functions such as Zoom/Rotate/FB/FF & etc are available.
Operate the multi-functional remote control or back keys; redesigned for longer control distance and higher sensitivity.
Built-in 2pcs stereo case loudspeakers for better music enjoyment.
With AV OUT, HD OUT to computer; 3.5mm jack to earphone.
Fine aluminum alloy frame, good looking and durable; with a detachable back stent.


We can see more and more high-tech electronics coming in our life for more convenience and beauty. Andoer 12″ LED Digital photo frame will make your photos more live to increase entertainment with your family. It is suitable for home, office or other place you want to put. Before purchasing, please don’t forget to use coupon code: ADPF9 to grab it at $64.99 Up to 31st DEC.
Sjezus, digitale fotolijstjes.

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abonnementen ibood.com bol.com Coolblue
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