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Sir Stirling Moss has finally returned home after 134 days in hospital to continue his recovery from a chest infection.

The 87-year-old fell ill while on holiday before Christmas and was admitted to a hospital in Singapore on December 22.

He was subsequently flown back to the UK and has since remained in a London hospital.

A statement on his website confirmed that Moss is "back where he belongs".

"He still has a substantial amount of recovery to undertake but says that he has determination and a great pit crew," it reads.

"He and Lady Moss are enormously grateful to the medical staff, both here and abroad, who worked so tirelessly to make all this possible.

"They also want to thank, from the bottom of their hearts, all the family, friends and fans for their love and support.

"It has been overwhelming and given them a lot of strength, smiles and hope.

"For now, they are looking forward to just lying back on their pillows in their bedroom and watching the Spanish Grand Prix."

The Ultimate Predictor November 2017!
A true legend.

Ik noem een Tony van Heemschut,een Loeki Knol,een Brammetje Biesterveld en natuurlijk een Japie Stobbe !
  donderdag 11 mei 2017 @ 19:10:41 #3
303802 nogeenoudebekende
The future is shit...
Silly Season begint weer vroeg.
And so is the past
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11s.gif Op donderdag 11 mei 2017 19:10 schreef nogeenoudebekende het volgende:
Silly Season begint weer vroeg.
Het aantal F1 coureurs dat nog in leven is uit de periode 1950-1954 is op een hand te tellen.

- (1950)
Stirling Moss (1951)
Kenneth McAlpine (1952)
John Barber, Hans Herrmann (1953)
Leslie Marr (1954)

Dus als een meervoudig vice wereldkampioen ruim 4 maanden in het ziekenhuis heeft gelegen dan meldt ik dat in het F1 subforum.
The Ultimate Predictor November 2017!
  donderdag 11 mei 2017 @ 20:31:52 #5
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Ah tof, is ie er hopelijk weer bij op Goodwood FOS *O* .
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