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Goed dat het aangepakt wordt toch?
Dat is het punt niet.
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Onwaar. Hierboven nog een zaak waar mensen veroordeeld zijn.
Ik reageerde op de eerste berichten over complotten waarbij bisschoppen, minister-presidenten en prins Bernard betrokken zouden zijn.
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44131 Chewie
Blame Canada!
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Dat is het punt niet.
Uiteraard wel alleen heb jij duidelijk de behoefte om er meer van te maken.
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Een artikel dat het overwegen en nachecken waard is. Ik ben niet per sé overtuigd van de waarheid van elk standpunt maar nodig iedereen, zoals ik zelf ook doe, uit om de waarheid ervan na te checken.

Illuminati Pedophile Rings: The Detroux Affair

April 19, 2011

"Child sexual abuse networks are part of the lifestyle of the generational satanists who make up the Belgian ruling elite. This behavior is not confined to Belgium."

by David Richards
(for henrymakow.com)

The 'Detroux Affair' definitely proves the existence of Illuminati pedophile rings.

The scandal started with the arrest in Belgium of Marc Dutroux in 1996 for the abduction and murder of girls as young as eight. Dutroux imprisoned the girls in his basement where he sexually abused them and made pornographic videos. He would often murder them after they had served their usefulness. Two girls, An Marchal (age 17) and Eefje Lambrecks (age 19) were drugged and buried alive in Dutroux's garden.

This case was explosive because Dutroux was a small cog in a sex-slave ring involving powerful people. His accomplice in the kidnappings, Michel Lelievre, testified, 'Marc always told me that he kidnapped girls for people who had placed an order with him.' He killed An and Eefje because the people who placed the order 'weren't interested in them.'

The orders came from a man named Michel Nihoul. A career criminal involved in financial fraud and drug trafficking, Nihoul had connections to the highest echelons of the Belgian establishment.

Survivors of the abuse networks were emboldened by Nihoul's arrest and came forward to testify. Most witnesses were designated an 'X' followed by a number by the police, and so their testimonies became known as the 'X-dossiers'.


The "X-witnesses" named the most powerful men in Belgium as abusers.

lippens.jpegThe use of abuse networks is characteristic of Elite families. For example, Count Maurice Lippens has been a regular Bilderberger attendee and co-ran Societe Generale in the 1980's.

X1, X2, X4 and others named Maurice Lippens (left) and his brother Leopold, the long time mayor of Knokke, as vicious child abusers and participants in the snuff network. Curiously, Wikipedia omits this fact.

Elite sex abusers marry other sex abusers. X1 and X2 mentioned Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, a Belgian aristocrat who was heavily involved in fascist organizations, as one of the most sadistic abusers in the network.

One of his sisters married Count Herve d'Ursel, who has been accused by X1 of involvement in the snuff and ritual abuse network. His other sister is married to Bernard de Merode, an intelligence-connected family that has been accused of child abuse by X4 and Nathalie W.

Even the Belgian Royal family has been implicated on several occasions. X3 (the only 'X' witness to have suffered abuse in the 50's and 60s) implicated Prince Charles (1903-1983), the second son of King Albert I; King Baudouin (1930-1993), and the eldest son of King Leopold III.

Clearly child sexual abuse networks are part of the lifestyle of the generational satanists who make up the Belgian ruling elite. This behavior is not confined to Belgium.


The children were sent to VIP parties in clubs and villas where they were subjected to oral and penetrative sex escalating to perversions of unimaginable horror. These include violent anal rape of children as young as three, long torture sessions, and sex with animals. Some of the descriptions are horrifically fantastical, such X1's testimony of giving birth:

"When the contractions started her [X1's] grandmother made a phone call. The Lippens brothers, Vanden Boeynants and the assistant [police] commissioner of Knokke arrived. De Bonvoisin and Vander Elst arrived thereafter... Vander Elst puts a knife on her throat while Bonvoisin rapes her... She must masturbate while Vander Elst makes a number of photos. Lippens rapes her with a razor blade. When the child exited, de Bonvoisin beat her [multiple times in the face]. Directly after X1 gave birth she was raped and sodomized. Her daughter disappeared six weeks later."

Due to the extreme abuse they suffered, the girls had Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) where the mind splits into tens and even hundreds of different personalities. These personalities are brought to life by different triggers, for instance a compliant sex-slave can be brought into existence by a certain word. When we hear X1's testimony of her mind control, it is clear her 'pimp' Tony was trained in these techniques:

'He gave me different names: Pietemuis, Meisje, Hoer, Bo. The names slowly started to become part of me. The strange thing was that if he mentioned a name, the mood that fit that name was immediately called up.'

The different personalities X1 describes give a horrifying window into the psyche of a sex-slave, 'Pietemuis [Small Mouse] became the name of the little girl that he brought home after the abuse - a scared and nervous girl that he could comforted by talking to her in a caring and fatherly kind of way. Meisje [Girl] was the name of that part of me that only belonged to him. If he abused me in my bed in the early morning, for example, or if there was no one around us. Hoer [Whore], the name of that part of me that worked for him. Bo, the young woman who cared for him if he was drunk and needed to be looked after.'

'Now you just leave that to me,' he said when I asked him curiously why he gave me so many names, 'daddy Tony knows you better than you know yourself.' That was true."

This is of course MK-Ultra mind control, evidence that abuse networks are internationally run by the secret services and criminal entities.

The children were usually murdered by the time they reached their 16th birthday. X1, X2, X3, X4 and others all spoke about children being murdered. These murders were often captured on video and shown at abuse parties and made into snuff films sold on the black-market for tens of thousands of dollars.


The abuse networks function as a system of blackmail to make sure everyone in the Illuminati and their criminal organizations toe the line.

X1 describes her role:

"In Brussels there was a villa in which a room was set up with built-in cameras. Even in the 1970s these cameras were so discreet that only the people who maintained them and the child- prostitutes knew where they were located... Why did I have to get those guys clearly in the picture, why was I supposed to get them to hit me and brutally rape me?... Blackmail, the word that was never mentioned, I only started to really understand when I was thirteen, fourteen years old..."

She learned that sex with children was a way to create and shore up business contracts. This is how the process worked (presumably continues to work):

X1's handlers invited someone who could be useful to them to dinner and after they had been liquored up, to a party. Cocaine was plentiful and the men were led to ideas by child porn films played on video screens. The 'prey' were then taken to a room where a child lay waiting. After the sex, 'Not one of these people was still inclined to sign contracts with individuals outside the network. If that happened one could make them pay dearly for that.'

Even Michel Nihoul has admitted that abuse networks are used for blackmail in an interview with Der Spiegel in 2001:

"I control the government. ... Everyone has compromising dossiers on one another, to be used as leverage in the right situation. ... This is the Belgian disease. ...

"[Voice recorder turned off. For a 6-digit sum] I will give you a picture on which then Prince Albert jumps a 16 year old girl. Naked. Shot at the second floor of the Mirano Club 20 years ago [where a pedophile blackmail ring allegedly was situated, according to other witnesses]. ... Then I have to leave Belgium."

If a member of the Illuminati or one of their lackeys wants to get out, change their ways and repent, blackmail keeps them in-line. If you sell your soul to the devil you don't get it back.


The Dutroux Affair a perfect illustration of how the justice system and mainstream media work in tandem with the establishment to hide the truth.

The investigation was thwarted from the beginning. The examining magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte was appointed to the case. Connerotte was a good man and couldn't be bought and so was taken off the case. He later said in court, 'We were told by police that [murder] contracts had been taken out against the magistrates,' and that 'organized crime methods' were used to ensure that his investigation ended in failure.

His replacement was a man named Jacques Langlois. He immediately decided that he didn't want to hear anything about child abuse networks, and became one of the key figures responsible for dismantling the whole Detroux investigation by ignoring countless leads and sending his investigators off into all kinds of bogus issues.

Police commissioner Georges Marnette played a central role in these disinformation schemes. Both X2 and Nathalie W. identified Marnette as an abuser in the network.

Very quickly, the witnesses and parents of missing children lost faith in the justice system. Tiny Mast, whose daughter Kim Heyrman went missing in 1994, became a good friend of X1. She stated:

"I can tell hundreds of stories which, if I compare them with what the Verwilghen commission labeled as "mistakes", really stretch the imagination. Those guys are so aggressive and so inhumane that I sometimes feel that they are part of the same clique as those who took away my children."


To give you an idea of how much of a cover-up was involved, Langlios met with the producers of 'Au Nom de la Loi', an influential French-language TV program. Following these meetings, 'Au Nom de la Loi' broadcasted four extremely manipulative prime-time TV programs from 1997 to 2000 in which they tried to convince the public that Nihoul was an innocent victim in the whole Dutroux affair.

There have been at least 25 suspicious deaths tied to the Dutroux case, with even more reports of intimidation. The deaths became so obvious that Jean Denis Lejeune, the father of one of the girls kidnapped by Dutroux, remarked:

"As if by coincidence people die. There is no explanation for their deaths. For instance, they are victims of a deadly traffic accident just when they are under way to testify. Or one finds their charred bodies. Our judiciary apparently doesn't have sleepless nights over this."

The Belgian public knew very well it was a cover-up. Their anger found expression in the famous 'White March' where 300,000 people marched through the streets of Brussels in silent protest. It changed nothing.

Detroux was eventually jailed for life while Nihoul was found not guilty of abducting and murdering children. Those higher up the food chain were left untouched.


franklin_coverup_ny_times_cover.jpgIlluminati abuse networks function for the exercise of extreme sadomasochistic urges as well as a system of blackmail that keeps members from breaking rank.

Cases such as the 'Franklin Cover-up' have shown this system exists in the States. The 'Detroux Affair' reveals Belgium to be another epicenter of this behavior. Perhaps this is one reason why Brussels is the capital of the EU.

The information contained in such cases is horrific but vital in exposing the dark heart of those who rule the world. It is very difficult to comprehend their evil actions, but if these people are capable of orchestrating world wars, killing millions, why would sexually abusing and murdering children be taboo?
- See more at: https://www.henrymakow.co(...)sthash.vw10VG6p.dpuf

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Dat is het punt niet.
Niet? Wat is het punt dan?
In het artikel hierboven over Dutroux wordt zijn mederwerker Nihoul genoemd, en een interview met hem in Der Spiegel. Ik heb het interview gevonden en citeer het hier vertaald in het Engels.



In the network of dossiers

More than five years after the arrest of the Belgian pediatrician Marc Dutroux, the investigation took place on the spot. An industry of revelers and conspiracy theorists lives there. Their latest absurdity: Dutroux is covered by the royal house.

He does not have much to lose. No reputation, no future, no dignity. So Marc Dutroux takes the last freedom. He gets caught. He is full.

Like a little child.

He was arrested on August 13, 1996. Now Belgium's most infamous prisoner is in Arlon prison, in the extreme south-east corner of the country. An escape attempt in April 1998 was completed by a randomly forcible forester after four hours. Since then, Marc Dutroux crouches in his cell, puts giant puzzles and is silent.

He admitted that he had daubed and buried his companion Bernard Weinstein. Without a thought, he watched the police digging the gagged corpses of two little girls out of his garden, expanding the vagina of the one to nine centimeters.

Dutroux had also admitted that he had dragged four other girls out of the street into his van and held them in a self-made dungeon for weeks. To have raped. He said he wanted to lead a life outside of society with them, he said.

Only he knows whether he really worked on his own account, or whether behind him a protective network stood and possibly still stands. The process is still pending.

But Marc Dutroux is silent, learns for his studies of mathematics and history and does not say a word. Only when he is brought out of his cell to the judge to Neufchâteau does he give of himself what no one wants to have, empties his bladder and his intestines as the last act of resistance. The guards complain. It stinks in the Mercedes transporter of the judiciary, it stinks in the judge's office, it tests everywhere, where Marc Dutroux sits on the foot. And now a rush even blows to the gates of the royal palace.

The book of two Luxembourg journalists appeared in a large Parisian publishing house. Based on various dossiers and unproven testimonies, they claim that no other than the Belgian King Albert II was responsible for the slow progress of the Dutroux case. There were indications that the prince of the time had participated in sex parties in the early 1980s. In addition to a prime minister, the head of the gendarmerie, a judge, there were also two minor boys, who later disappeared without a trace; A confidant should have been removed.

These are aberrant accusations. Even in a country like Belgium, where the citizens have been little thought to be unthinkable about the state since the Dutroux affair. The Royal Court has taken legal action against the publishing house after the publication of the book: "These well-known claims have been legal, parliamentary and journalistic, and they have proved unfounded."
Jean Nicolas, the main author of the book, is one of the people who are convinced that the world's secret services and roles are turning the wheels of the world. However, he does not let his appetite and good humor spoil him. He is seen in a protected brasserie on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, because trips to Belgium are currently not advisable: "I would immediately go to Brussels for interrogation."

Nicolas lives from sending messages of reality out of the real citizen's side, in the form of revelation books. He is not an undisputed figure in Benelux journalism. But sometimes his methods are good. In 1998, he took over the cousin economies

The EU Commissioner Edith Cresson

And helped to make the
Commission to resign.
King Albert II would be left with no choice but to step down in the autumn, Nicolas said: "A discussion of our allegations in parliament would destroy the monarchy, nor can Belgium undertake a broad-based Dutroux process."

And he talks about the pre-AIDS period when, under Brussels doctors, lawyers, and officials, he must have heard the good tone, to appear naked and in the pack. Nicolas quotes from an official investigation report, which also mentions a sex club named "Jonathan". "The specialty," he says, "was, according to the report, a jumbo boot filled with jam, the top layer shimmering, and had to be scooped down all the time And nobody knew that there were video cameras behind it, first the Barbesitzer watched, then the Belgian secret service. "

The "Pédophilie Dossier" also contains a lot of information on the childhood of Marc Dutroux. For the royal colportage, however, only three well-known witnesses are led. One of them appears in the book as an "X3," an elderly lady who had a good name in the child protection movement before she started telling the Dutroux investigators that she had to participate in Sado Maso orgies during her childhood And at the same time eaten in children.

The statements of the X3 read as described by the Marquis de Sade in Koksrausch: high-spirited hunts for children, Rottweiler, bestial killing in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Belgian Hochadel, including King Baudouin and his brother, then Prince Albert. The officials listened patiently. Then they closed the files.

Christine D., a divorced mother of three children, who attended a dinner of her group sex experiences at the Waterloo Golf Club in 1981, remains as main author. A tape of tape ran secretly because a neurologist collected incriminating evidence against his wife for his own divorce process, which also circulated in the golf club.

According to the tape chart, Christine D. accused a family judge A. of bringing two children out of his care to the orgies. A confidant had been killed by manipulating her car. Quote: "The Prince Albert is involved in the story, he is up-to-date and wants everyone to hold tight, he said to A. I cover you."

A little later, D. withdrew her statement completely. In front of the police, she explained that the prominent names had been put into her mouth by the nerve doctor: "I've said it all to calm the upset doctor." And the allegedly murdered man has proved himself in a hotel room.

So why all the excitement? The dossier with Christine D. 'S statements has disappeared since 1981 in the drawers of the police. Nevertheless, it still haunts the imaginations of revelers and nourishes a small community of revelers. The bookstores are full of books, the wildest, theatrical, theatrical, theatrical, as they can only flourish in a state of affairs in which delicate files are pushed from desk to desk until they are forgotten.

"This is the Belgian disease," says one who is infected himself: Michel Nihoul. "Everyone has a burdening dossier on everyone to use as a means of pressure as a suitable opportunity." Nihoul is one of the windiest figures of the Dutroux affair. The former fishmonger and bankrupt dog has telephoned very often with Dutroux shortly before a children's kidnapping. To date, he claims that the phone calls had only gone to his broken car. A conversation was recorded by the police: "When Lelièvre (the helper of Dutroux) takes me in, I will get him."

Nihoul was arrested as a presumed accomplice shortly after Dutroux, but could be condemned only for fraud and signature falsification. Today he lives in the Jette district of Brussels, in a high-rise block with an integrated police station.

Michel Nihoul waits at the end of the hallway, leaning on a stick with silver knob, and has the cold eyes of a fish. With the gesture of the Grandseigneurs, he asks for a two-room apartment without a bath, sets the handkerchief on his suit, and begins talking to Timbre and well-meaning words about his innocence. "Some may have sex with fifteen-year-olds, some with twelve-year-olds, some with three-year-olds, I do not, I've never done anything with children, I love children."

The man looks unhealthy, pale and puffy as straight out of the water. It emanates the smell of sweet perfume. On the sofa is his life companion Marleen, a not unsympathetic, heavily handicapped blonde with conspicuous top, who has met Nihoul in an orgy. The two have been together for so long that their sentences hook into each other like the parts of a zipper.

There is no network, say the two. Dutroux had captured the girls only "pour sa propre consommation" - "for personal consumption". A professional ring would have delivered the girls long ago with the customer. He himself is, by the way, a born trader, says Nihoul.

It is clear from the investigations that Dutroux had been advised by him on how to get into the girls' trade. Nihoul had advised him to organize Sado Maso parties. That brings more. "I thought, of course, of adults," says Nihoul. "Nobody believes him," Marleen says from the sofa, shaking his head sadly.

"Dutroux offered me Eastern Europeans, and he could have had other plans with me, but he was arrested before," says Nihoul. He breathes heavily while talking and sweats perfume.
Then he tells of earlier. How he and Marleen organized group sex parties, "but with style!", Involving influential politicians and officials. In the club "Le Dolo" or in the rental lock Faulx-Les-Tombes near Namur. Of these amusements there should be photos and film recordings. Nihoul loves to flirt with his gazebo. One of the first sentences has been: "I have the government in hand."
He is a merchant. He acts with everything that comes into his fingers. With fish, with pills, with women and in recent times necessarily with stories. An interview costs 1000 Marks: "Put another 20,000 on it, and I'll deliver you an acting minister, who is involved in a murder." Supposedly everything is provable: "I know the murderer and let him call the Minister, you hear, okay?"

Then asks Nihoul to switch off the recording device, and lowers the voice. There was a special offer. For a six-digit sum. "Because then I would have to leave Belgium, I'll give you the photo on which the then Prince Albert is just jumping a 16-year-old girl, naked, taken on the second floor of the Mirano club 20 years ago.

And already the web of the whisper has been spun. As if there were not enough divisions in Belgium, the country has split into two new camps since the capture of Marc Dutroux. There are the faithful and the non-believers. Both have their holy writings, their preachers, exegetes, circular letters, epistles, and martyrs. The faithful are convinced that there is an all-powerful network behind Dutroux, which alone could remain undetected because its arms reach upwards - up to the top.
The unbelievers think this is nonsense. For the abundance and hysteria of a deeply insecure kingdom. But they also do not deny that during the search for Dutroux there was a breakdown, which would be stripped of any "crime scene" writer as untrustworthy from the script.
In search of the two missing girls Melissa and Julie, a policeman searches the house of Dutroux. He is aware that the owner is a convicted serial rapist. The police have also been given an indication that Dutroux has created a cellar verde. As the policeman runs through the apartment, he finds chains, chloroform, vaginal cream, and a speculum. Then he hears children's screams. And he goes his way. He has accepted, he says later, that the cries have come from the street. It was a cold winter morning. The streets were empty and all the children in the school.

Is the accomplice or hopeless tulness? The stupid Belgians made no difference in the autumn of 1996. They walked to the street in silence for hundreds of thousands. The "white marches" denied a state's legitimacy, which proved incapable of protecting the vulnerable, but at the same time allowed a sex offender to be dismissed prematurely, to live by welfare and to bury children, harass, abuse and discard children Can be used as a Kleenex.

They had enough of the bell-tower battles between the gendarmerie and the judiciary, the system of justice, which is only puffed up and organized like a cut-out sheet because all the clientele, regions, parties have to be considered. Belgium staggered between the real Surrealism of the search and the nightmare stories of victims who had deposited an anonymous telephone line with the police, which they had previously deposited in the darkest corner of their psyche. Suddenly, dead children were buried all over the country.

The anguish increased as more and more people were killed in the investigation. A scrapman wanted to testify about the abduction car and was found poisoned, a little later burned his wife. An activist of the child protection movement died in an autounfall, shortly after she had encountered "snuff movies", videos, on which the murder of children can be seen. The prosecutor in Liège took a bullet in his head, a few hours after he had been given free hand by the new Justice Minister, Marc Verwilghen, for his investigation.

All just coincidence? Or the reference to a powerful cartel? Questions without answers underline only the certainties of the faithful.

So many inconsistencies, negligence, untraceable traces can, according to the faithful, only point to a network. And if, despite years of meticulous work by journalists, no evidence that could be used in court was found, if only vague evidence and the question remained, then one must wonder why so many traces had not been pursued. And then it is also obvious to seek the head of the conspiracy, where no one can look, behind the gates of the royal palace.

The Belgian religious controversy extends into the investigative team. The senior prosecutor, Michel Bourlet, wants to take the investigation broadly to eliminate any suspicion of a network. Jacques Langlois, the investigating judge, has decided on the infinite conspiracy history for pragmatics. He seems to assume that Dutroux is a perverse individual who wants to enter the business with children. Consciency and coldest cruelty. Someone who came up with the idea to sell children because he could not make money with stolen cars or videos.

This is conceivable. Perhaps Dutroux has actually flown because he has not worked for a professional network. Because he still had to screw up his business capital on the road, from bicycles. Because he did not know that the ordinary pedophile goes other ways, silent, on which mostly no visible traces remain.

Mostly. Sometimes, though.

Regina Louf is a hand-fisted young woman who runs a dog breed near Ghent, on the edge of Europastrasse 17. She is conspicuously growing. Your whitewashed house is full of family photos in heart-shaped frames and angelic figures. It smells like a dog. Even then the men would sometimes have dogs, she says.

The world would be better if Regina Louf were crazy. Then you do not have to ask what it means for an eight-year-old to be sent up from the grandmother to the room with the number 7, where the uncle with the hairy belly will take off his pants again. Then one could shake the horror into another world, from which no screams can pass.

In Belgium there is hardly anyone who does not know this woman. If not as Regina Louf, then as "X1". Under this name, she was extensively interrogated 13 times. The protocols were included as "Dossier X" in the long history of the Dutroux case.

The family background of Regina Louf fits into two sentences: "My mother has been abused by her father, a police commissioner in Knokke, I have been rented by my mother, with my father's knowledge." She wanted to spare her own four children this tradition. That is why, she says, she has interrogated herself: "The curse should come to an end."

In part-time, nightmare sessions, X1 has told the investigators of sadomasochistic orgies, where children have been tortured, names and names. Since then, she says, she has not grown any more.

The stories of the Regina Louf were in large parts no information, but images, which flash from a storm of feelings. Encrypted messages from a repressed time, in no case in themselves coherent reports, which one only need to check.

But unlike the anonymous witness X3, there was something irritating the investigators. Regina Louf described in detail a sexual murder, which had strong similarities with the never quite enlightened death of Christine Van Hees. The 16-year-old had been burned in February 1984 and tied up in the cellar of an old mushroom farm near the university on the Boulevard des Triumphes. X1 could precisely describe the long-torn scene of crime and mentioned details that had never been known. A metal pin, for example, which was stuck in the wrist of the dead.

When the interrogation protocols were played out to the public, believers as well as unbelievers were confirmed in their attitude. Regina Louf became one of the mythologists for the one, and the crowning witness for an all-embracing plot for the others. Both took the statements of a seriously traumatized woman at face value.

"I have a memory, but I'm not a video recorder," she says today. Perhaps they are mistaken in the data, perhaps in the name. The menacing adults of that time can come back in memory as prominent names of today, as politicians or as prince. Every adult is a powerful for a defenseless child. But in essence, she could not deceive herself.

It can be assumed that Regina Louf, alias X1, must be terrible in her childhood, from the closest friends of her own family.

With the case of Dutroux, their statements have nothing to do directly, because Louf describes another period. And the debate about the truthfulness of "Dossiers X" has even delayed the investigation.

But this woman has withstood the hostility and made it possible to look into another world that will continue to exist even without Dutroux. Where children are concerned in their own family and friends, without taking a special risk. She says, "These people are called pedophiles, they are pedophiles, they do not love children, they only know that children do not resist an adult and that children are not believed." There must be no politicians, lawyers, or princes. "These are very normal, quite intelligent people with good manners and building society contracts." No monstrosities.

The world would be better if Regina Louf were crazy. It is not.
Jean Nicolas, Michel Nihoul, Regina Louf are on their respective actor in an infinite story. Engaged in a network of dossiers, lies and whispered half-truths, from deep injuries and a lot of louder convictions. A sticky net. A functioning judiciary should be able to unravel it. But with every day that Marc Dutroux sits silently in his cell, puzzles and studies history, with every day the process is waiting, the web is tied.


* Jean Nicolas, Frédéric Lavachery: "Dossier Pédophilie, Le scandale de l''affaire Dutroux". Flammarion, Paris; 400 pages; 20 Euros.
By Alexander Smoltczyk
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Is er ook nog iets actueels behalve artikelen uit 2010 en ervoor?
0s.gif Op donderdag 30 maart 2017 17:09 schreef ChrisCarter het volgende:
Is er ook nog iets actueels behalve artikelen uit 2010 en ervoor?
Er zijn er een aantal genoemd hoor.
Interessant artikel.

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail

February 22, 2017



"It is a common mistake to think these ritual crimes to be merely compromising public people and making them blackmail-able and obedient, or to be the ultimate pastime of an elite jaded by all other stimuli and fleeing boredom into that hell : magic does exist...
These awful acts modify the metaphysical framework of reality. The frightening thing is that all things in this material world are ultimately subject to the interplay of evil forces deployed for their own sake.."

The author, Francis, is a longtime practitioner of white Voodoo. I can't pretend to understand the black magick he describes and welcome explanations. Warning:
This is gruesome.

By Francis

Pedophilia and pedothysia (ritual child murder) are NOT used by the Deep State solely to compromise politicians in order to make them obedient to their masters.

Pedophilia, together with ritual toddler murder, IS by itself a source of infinite direct power over all material things, especially political, social, and financial, no matter if you do it alone by yourself or together with a large elite group including Hillary Clinton in some forlorn thicket of Haiti (Jeremie.)

Pedophilia and pedothysia (paiderosis and paidothusis as they were called) were the only two considered elementary instruments of Athenian « democracy » in the very same way the compass and the ruler were the only two instruments of Greek geometry by the times of Pericles, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Modern democracy has been invented for the exercise of both political instruments.

Why is pedophilia so important? The stairway to absolute magical power always was buggering a prepubescent child from before puberty....

Criminally-minded people don't want to fuse with another different being so as to enjoy a far larger breathing space out of their ego. The other's personality is rather for them an obstacle they have to deny and stamp out in their quest for absolute pleasure and power. Their ambition is to make the other's personality their own food for personal growth.

But as the fledgling criminal mind tries to seduce and control ever greater masses of flesh and crush so many individualities thereby to get ever more power, he risks provoking many a partner into a revolt. He has to minimize the risk of such a revolt by choosing younger and younger immature lovers he can discard at will for ever younger ones when they are about to realize they are abused and to claim for at least a very expensive price for their services. Thus he goes with prepubescent children he can talk to as if he were a parent, and then more and more a God to them.


But pedophilia is only the first step of the stairway : the last crowning step is child sacrifice.

I will tell you an example, very instructive since it did not happen within the framework of a cult I love to hate like, Synagogal Judaism but within Jesuit-spawned mafia-bound deviant fascistic catholicism in Rio de Janeiro, among the Death Squads.

These death squads started out as a Canadian-American sponsored catholic mission, or rather as RCMP-trained criminals masquerading as s extreme-right religious school teachers in Rio so as to teach the poor people into political submission during the early sixties. They called themselves the Missionaries of the Last Day, but were rapidly called the Squads of Saintly Death because their two-fold specialty was to assassinate as heretics (Franco-regime style) all journalists who opposed the military or denounced the rising inequalities , and also to kill like vermin all the abandoned street child delinquents (at the demand of the shopkeepers they robbed for their survival).

The Death Squad of Rio then developed about 1980 a very « brilliant » idea : They would pick up at random any sound-looking and well-dressed child in the streets, preferably very white and dutiful, nor too rich and well-known nor too poor. For each word of critical analysis or contestation a Brazilian journalist or a clergyman would voice through any media in the world against the Brazilian regime, a child thus picked up at random would be executed ritually by projection high speed (from a jeep or a truck) against a stone wall while reciting Psalm 137.

The ritual execution would be filmed and the beta video of the execution would be sent to the would-be critic to gather with dead child's scalp. The rest of the body was to be skinned and perched onto a telephone pole in the district to strike with terror, a process which came to be called ham-making (presunto). One bad word or one bad picture more, one ham, that was the new Rio unwritten but very strict law, every social critic, whistle blower or truth sayer breaking the new law of omerta was to be sanctioned that way, by being held responsible for the execution of yet another innocent sacrificed child to be otherwise honoured by the squads as a martyr going straight to heaven so as to bring the heretics closer to their own damnation and thereby save the common people's souls from their teaching against the necessity to accept all injustices on earth.

Experience rapidly proved that the social critic who received the macabre parcel (video plus scalp plus letter of explanation) through UPS rapidly got irretrievably mad after at most two or three and would lose all public sympathies to his cause.

Later on it was also determined with the experience passing that sending the macabre parcel was not necessary to produce if the sacrificer and the people present in the ritual concentrated mentally on the culprit leftist's portrait.

These Missionaries of the Last Days as they were officially called had experimentally discovered they had acquired a supernatural power through trial and error. They first decided that each time a child was sacrificed through their own hands for the purpose of mentally destroying political opponents and heretics, Christ himself manifested in that child's body to judge the living, and that partaking of that ritual was a more valid form of eucharist than the more and more dubious-looking post Vatican mass. But moreover it turned out that the money and riches that the former critic having lost his senses and reason therefore lost thereby were gained at the other end of the conduct, as by invisible transfer of funds, by the people partaking of the ritual.

Fleury, the commander of those Death Squads in Rio, devised his own formula. I was taught by him in person as he threatened me with a child ritual execution if I went on finding the Rio society very beastly and Satanic (which it is) :

What is dream?

Dream is what hits against reality.

What is reality then?

Reality is the necessity to dash and smash
As many children as numbers can number
As tender-smiling as smiles can smile
As fast as speed can speed
Onto a wall as hard as hardness can harden
Before a gathering as big as gatherings can gather
Brought to a degree of mirth as high as mirth can get high.

If one is first a pedophile, having learned thereby how to talk to all people like to the children he rapes and controls mentally, and then such a child sacrificer, learning thereby how to control people through terror of impending death of their inner child you talk to, you encounter no longer any resistance from any being in the visible universe.

By the way, it must be said that the infamous child murder ritual the established Jews took so much utmost care to have condemned everywhere as pure calumny under the name of Blood Libel is not only real and no myth at all but central to Judaism from pre-Biblical antiquity onwards. It is real because it works.


It is a common mistake to think these ritual crimes are merely about compromising public people to make them blackmailable and obedient, or to be the ultimate pastime of an elite jaded by all other stimuli and fleeing boredom into that hell : magic does exist.

I was a reluctant witness to both and the matter is so morbid indeed that I use all my talents to describe them and the mechanism of their effect in a form of language understandable by most readers; actually one of the aims of those acts is to paralyze all human logos so as make the authors unaccountable before any court led by mere human reason.

These crimes do have a direct action onto the framework of reality, they are intended to warp the space-time continuum, and these criminals can play with the whole picture you live in as if it were computer pixel work. Real evil does exist. Hell does exist. Please expose more awful acts modifying the metaphysical framework of reality, as you have rightly done by explaining what Saville does and think so as to justify what he does in his own eyes : the frightening thing is that all things in this material world are ultimately subject to the interplay of evil forces deployed for their own sake.
- See more at: https://www.henrymakow.co(...)sthash.9Ppvn3BI.dpuf
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450551 crew  ChrisCarter
Ti Ta Toverland
I will tell you an example, very instructive since it did not happen within the framework of a cult I love to hate like, Synagogal Judaism but within Jesuit-spawned mafia-bound deviant fascistic catholicism in Rio de Janeiro, among the Death Squads.
Raar om in zo'n artikel te zetten dat hij een jodenhater en katholiekenhater is. Even onderzoek naar de herkomst van het artikel gedaan:


Een site met een oude jodenhatende man,alles ligt aan de joden. Bla bla.
Deep State geneuzel.

Nee sorry dat kan ik niet serieus nemen. Zijn gewoon nazi's die auteurs.
0s.gif Op donderdag 30 maart 2017 17:40 schreef ChrisCarter het volgende:


Raar om in zo'n artikel te zetten dat hij een jodenhater en katholiekenhater is. Even onderzoek naar de herkomst van het artikel gedaan:


Een site met een oude jodenhatende man,alles ligt aan de joden. Bla bla.
Deep State geneuzel.

Nee sorry dat kan ik niet serieus nemen. Zijn gewoon nazi's die auteurs.
'Synagogal Judaism' is niet hetzelfde als 'joden', het gaat om de religie ipv de ethniciteit.

Ook zegt hij juist dat het _niet_ binnen een cult gedaan werd die hij graag haat, maar in de Jezuietenorde, blijkbaar een orde waar hij normaal gesproken niets tegen heeft.

Verder ben je vrij om het artikel serieus te nemen natuurlijk. Maar ik wilde dit wel even corrigeren.

Henry Makow is overigens anti-zionisme, niet anti-joden. Ook een verschil.

Veel orthodoxe joden zijn zelf anti-zionisme.
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450551 crew  ChrisCarter
Ti Ta Toverland
0s.gif Op donderdag 30 maart 2017 18:09 schreef Ali_Kannibali het volgende:


'Synagogal Judaism' is niet hetzelfde als 'joden', het gaat om de religie ipv de ethniciteit.

Ook zegt hij juist dat het _niet_ binnen een cult gedaan werd die hij graag haat, maar in de Jezuietenorde, blijkbaar een orde waar hij normaal gesproken niets tegen heeft.

Verder ben je vrij om het artikel serieus te nemen natuurlijk. Maar ik wilde dit wel even corrigeren.

Henry Makow is overigens anti-zionisme, niet anti-joden. Ook een verschil.

Veel orthodoxe joden zijn zelf anti-zionisme.
Ik weet wat er staat, met mijn Engels is niets mis ;)

Maar voor mij valt de betrouwbaarheid van die specifieke bron hiermee 100% weg. Staat anderen vrij er zelf wat van te denken uiteraard.
1s.gif Op donderdag 30 maart 2017 18:13 schreef ChrisCarter het volgende:


Ik weet wat er staat, met mijn Engels is niets mis ;)

Maar voor mij valt de betrouwbaarheid van die specifieke bron hiermee 100% weg. Staat anderen vrij er zelf wat van te denken uiteraard.
Wat als hij ipv 'Synagogal Judaism' 'Islam' of 'Satanism' of 'Christianity' had gezegd, had je het dan ook automatisch afgeschreven?

Ik interpreteer hier 'love to hate' als de cult, niet de mensen. Hij heeft een hekel aan de religie, waarom precies is niet duidelijk.
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450551 crew  ChrisCarter
Ti Ta Toverland
0s.gif Op donderdag 30 maart 2017 18:15 schreef Ali_Kannibali het volgende:


Wat als hij ipv 'Synagogal Judaism' 'Islam' of 'Satanism' of 'Christianity' had gezegd, had je het dan ook automatisch afgeschreven?

Ik interpreteer hier 'love to hate' als de cult, niet de mensen. Hij heeft een hekel aan de religie, waarom precies is niet duidelijk.
Ja dat maakt voor mij geen verschil. Het toont een vooringenomenheid, een bias, die vertroebelt het beoordelingsvermogen.
Dit artikel is een getuigenis over misbruik door Cyril Smith (eerder langsgekomen in het Westminster pedodossier), welke officieel bevestigd is als pedofiel en kindermishandelaar, tevens lid van het Britse parlement.

Bevriend met eveneens bevestigd pedofiel Savile en iemand die ook wel hoge priester van Satan genoemd werd, Michael Horgan (stiefvader van het slachtoffer), die Smith zijn stiefzoon 'leende'.

Wat me opvalt is dat deze mensen zo lang met zulke daden weg kunnen komen en tijdens een onderzoek vaak mensen verdwijnen, documenten kwijt raken, onderzoek vertraagt lijkt te worden, enz.


Pervert MP Cyril Smith was pals with satanic child sex monster
Victim Michael Roberts reveals his devil-worshipping stepdad Michael Horgan organised abuse

22:00, 19 JAN 2013UPDATED16:05, 3 SEP 2014
Michael Roberts
Victim: Michael Roberts says he was abused by MP Cyril Smith (Photo: NewsPics)
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Paedophile MP Cyril Smith was in league with another appalling child sex abuser who set up satanic rituals and raped children as young as TWO, the Sunday People has discovered.

Victim Michael Roberts, 40, today bravely puts aside his right to ­anonymity to tell for the first time how he was only six when he was sexually abused by 29-stone politician Smith.

And shockingly he has revealed his devil-worshipping stepdad Michael Horgan organised the horrendous ordeal. Horgan made a deal with the man who went on to be knighted after years as a ­respected Member of Parliament.

Michael claims Smith, who was also a close pal of Jimmy Savile, told him he had been “a naughty boy” before forcing him to take part in a perverted spanking and groping ritual.

Now studying for a counselling ­qualification, Michael fought back tears as he recalled: “I was frightened of him because of his size. But by then I was getting abused by so many people I’d just got used to it.”

Horgan, who has also used the name Shaun O’Donnell, became known as the High Priest of Satan.

Michael Horgan
Devil worshipper: Perv Michael Horgan organised abuse
He was jailed for 10 years and placed on the sex offenders’ register after he was found guilty of six sex abuse ­charges in 1992. Smith died in 2010 aged 82.

The twisted pair are believed to have bonded initially over their mutual love for Elvis Presley before finding they also shared a sexual interest in children.

Abusing ­the young and vulnerable became an obsession.

Horgan organised a series of satanic-themed orgies for like-minded paedos.

In one of them he raped little Michael and an even younger female child before watching on as others did the same.

The monster, whose youngest victim was only two, also hung up his stepson and the girl on hooks.

In further horrendous episodes he stripped the children naked, blindfolded them and tied them to a cross next to a black magic altar so that his “disciples” could use them for sex.

The abuses were often filmed to be gloated over later.

Horgan also forced the children to carry out disgusting sex acts on other kids, including their friends and each other.

He organised outdoor “parties” for these activities on Saddleworth Moor, where child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had buried their victims.

Youngsters from two to 13 were drugged, tortured and sexually abused during the satanic “ceremonies”.

MP Cyril Smith
After investigations into the allegations made in previous decades the police now publicly acknowledge that young boys were victims of physical and sexual abuse committed by Smith (Photo: Popperfoto/Getty Images)
The shock revelation over the satanist and MP’s friendship raises questions over any role Smith and Jimmy Savile may have played in Horgan’s paedo ring.

Horgan was also pals with Raymond Hewlett, the child rapist questioned in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Michael added: “Michael Horgan used to take me out to ‘visit’ people ­regularly. It didn’t seem that far away. It didn’t take us long to get there. We went there in a taxi. Just me and Michael Horgan.

“I can’t remember where it was, just that it was a long row of houses and that it wasn’t far from where we lived in Rochdale.”

Michael says the visit had obviously been set up beforehand as local MP Smith ­greeted him by his first name when he walked in the room.

He added: “We went into the house. He was a big fat guy. They (Horgan and Cyril) were talking between themselves. It looked like it had been pre-planned because he (Cyril) said, ‘Hello, Michael.’ Then he said I had been ‘naughty’ and that he had to spank me three times.

“He spanked my bum three times and then he touched me up. He touched my private parts.

“It didn’t last five minutes ­because my stepdad was stood there and said, ‘You’ve got to go,’ and that was it.

“That was the end of it. For some reason, all of a sudden, we had to get back. I don’t know why.”

Smith, elected to Parliament in 1972, first rose to national prominence when he awarded his mother Eva the title of First Lady of Rochdale after he became the town’s mayor in 1966.

Cyril Smith MP
Cyril Smith MP (Photo: Mirrorpix)
He lived with her in her small terraced house in the Lancashire town until her death in 1994.

Never married, Smith’s later years were dogged by rumours about his sexuality and allegations of child abuse.

According to police records, prosecutors were given evidence about him in 1970, 1998 and 1999 but charges were never brought.

He was finally exposed as a ­paedophile in November last year. The Crown Prosecution Service admitted he should have been charged.

One of his victims claimed he was sexually abused in a room in the Houses Parliament as MPs walked past.

Michael said: “I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it come on the news. I went into shock when I saw him.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, it has finally come out. At the time he abused me I didn’t know who he was. In my mind I called him the fat man.

“It wasn’t until years later that I ­realised he was an MP. I remember being there and being spanked and that it stung, like when someone slaps you.

“I smelt a funny smell off him. A musty smell and there was a musty smell in the house as well.

“I remember a brownish coffee table in the room and that’s about it.”

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Michael Aquino was een hooggeplaatste militair in het leger van de VS, getraind in psychologische oorlogsvoering en propaganda, lid van de kerk van Satan en later hogepriester van de orde van de tempel van Set (esoterische naam voor Satan). Een openlijk satanist dus.

Michael Aquino en zijn vrouw Lilith

Meerdere mensen hebben verklaard slachtoffer te zijn geweest van zijn praktijken (enkele gevallen zijn hier al langsgekomen).

Hij werd uiteindelijk het leger ontslagen wegens een zaak in een kinderontwikkelingscentrum, waar men blijkbaar de conclusie had getrokken dat hij zich vergrepen had aan kleine kinderen.

Zelf beweert Aquino dat er een samenzwering tegen hem loopt, de feiten lijken anders te zeggen. Ik citeer hieronder een korte beschrijving van zijn activiteiten en vervolgens enkele zaken die tegen hem spreken, evenals de uiteindelijke rechtszaak.

Ik hoop later de verschillende gevallen wat gestructureerder te kunnen presenteren. Wat in ieder geval al duidelijk aan het worden is, is dat dit een internationaal fenomeen is, elite/pedofilie/satanisme.

The 'Conspiracy' Against Michael Aquino – Satanic Pedophile
by Anthony Forwood

For those who don’t know, Michael Aquino was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990, when he was involuntarily discharged as a result of investigations into his involvement in the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco. Throughout this same time, he has also been a devout satanist and self-confessed neo-Nazi. He joined Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan in 1969, staying until 1975 when he left to start his own Temple of Set, which has been in operation ever since.

Please note here that both psyops and satanism involve using many levels of deception and coercion to manipulate the perceptions of others for ulterior motives, so these are skills that Aquino is very familiar with and very comfortable in using. He is also an expert in propaganda and skilled in techniques for disseminating misinformation/disinformation, and using misdirection, confusion tactics, isolation techniques, and revisionism. Therefore, he will certainly use these skills to defend himself against the truth of his actions.

Michael Aquino explains that his name keeps coming up in pedophile-ring cases because he’s the victim of a conspiracy (a ‘black bag job’, as he calls it). He bases this on the fact that he’s a satanist and so people just automatically hate him because of it. Unfortunately for him, making such a bad choice in lifestyle and philosophy doesn’t excuse him from anything, although in his particular case it certainly does lend weight to the allegations against him and even invites them, so he shouldn’t really complain about it. He tends to keep his perceptions of all this bad publicity focused strictly on the Presidio child abuse case in which he was a central figure during the 1980s, since that’s the only one he’s ever had to legally defend himself against (so far). Even in this one isolated case, he only dares to focus on it as far as his own limited version of the facts go, and he totally avoids acknowledging the larger body of evidence that implicates him personally. Similarly, he totally overlooks the longer history of events he’s been implicated in by various sources who are far removed from one another and who couldn’t possibly be engaged in any sort of conspiracy against him.

Voor gehele artikel (met individuele zaken) zie: http://exposinginfragard.(...)-aquino-satanic.html
De rechtszaak:http://law.justia.com/cas(...)rts/F2/957/139/2044/

Michael Aquino klaagde het leger aan wegens het gebruiken van zijn naam voor een rechtszaak waarbij hij volgens hemzelf onschuldig is, bewerend dat het werkelijk om een samenzwering gaat, omdat hij lid is van de kerk van satan.

Het leger echter oordeelde het volgende:

* In November 1986, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division Command (CID) began investigating charges that Gary Hambright had sexually molested several of the children entrusted to his care as an employee at the Child Development Center on the Army base known as the Presidio. On August 12, 1987, Army Captain Larry Adams-Thompson reported to the authorities that his three-year-old daughter, who had attended the Child Development Center during the period of Hambright's alleged crimes, had become visibly frightened upon seeing LTC Aquino and his wife at the Army's post-exchange that day and called them "Mikey" and "Shamby." In a subsequent interview by an FBI agent, the girl implicated "Mikey," "Shamby" and "Mr. Gary" in the sexual molestation of her and other children at "Mr. Gary's house." The investigation of Hambright was expanded to include Aquino and his wife.

Although the SFPD discontinued its investigation of the Aquinos in September 1988 for lack of sufficient evidence, the CID continued and in August 1989 issued a report of investigation designating both Aquinos in the "title block" of the report and describing the various child-abuse and related criminal offenses investigated. The report concluded that the investigation was closed because all further leads involved adults who refused to cooperate, and the applicable threeyear statute of limitations had expired in June 1989.

Thereafter, on January 31, 1990, the Aquinos requested that the CID remove their names from the title block of the report. While the CID deleted Mrs. Aquino's name entirely, on the ground that the identifications of her by the children interviewed were inadequate, it did not delete LTC Aquino's name. The CID also removed from the report charges arising out of allegations that Aquino made against CPT Adams-Thompson. All the child-abuse charges remained, because " [t]he evidence of alibi offered by LTC Aquino [was] not persuasive."

Aquino filed suit in the district court under the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552a(g), to compel the Army to amend the investigatory report about him and for damages resulting from his discharge from the service, which he attributes to the inaccurate records about him.1 He also sued under the Administrative Procedure Act to review the action of the Secretary of the Army in developing the investigatory report about him and in refusing to amend it.

On cross motions for summary judgment the district court granted the Army's motion and denied Aquino's, holding that the files sought to be amended by Aquino were exempt from the Privacy Act provisions under which Aquino sued. On its review of the Army's action under the Administrative Procedure Act, the court concluded that " [t]here was sufficient evidence from which the Army decision maker could determine that probable cause existed to believe that [Aquino] committed the offenses" and that therefore the Army's decisions to create the report and not amend it were not arbitrary or capricious.

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0s.gif Op donderdag 30 maart 2017 17:40 schreef ChrisCarter het volgende:


Raar om in zo'n artikel te zetten dat hij een jodenhater en katholiekenhater is. Even onderzoek naar de herkomst van het artikel gedaan:


Een site met een oude jodenhatende man,alles ligt aan de joden. Bla bla.
Deep State geneuzel.

Nee sorry dat kan ik niet serieus nemen. Zijn gewoon nazi's die auteurs.
H. Makow is zelfs Joods :*
A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. ...he will refuse to believe it.
Michael Aquino en de Franklin zaak (met Larry King en de Discovery of Silence discovery documentaire)

1988 (November 4) – The FBI raided the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, run by a man named Lawrence King. In the process, they uncovered evidence relating to drug running, pedophilia, pornography, and satanic activity involving prominent individuals in the local community and beyond. Eighty children eventually came forward and identified many of those involved, including the chief of police (who impregnated one of the victims), a local newspaper publisher, a former vice squad officer, a judge, and others. The children described satanic ceremonies involving human and animal sacrifice. Evidence that came out showed that children were abducted from shopping mall parking lots and auctioned off in Las Vegas and Toronto. Airplanes owned by the DEA were often used to transport the children. Other children were removed from orphanages and foster homes and taken to Washington, DC to take part in sex orgies with dignitaries, congressmen, and other high-ranking public officials. A number of the child victims testified that George Bush Sr. was one of the people who was often seen at these parties. Photographs were being surreptitiously taken at these orgies by the child traffickers for blackmail purposes. There was also evidence of ties to mind-control programs being conducted at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Nebraska, where the head of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) is located. Minot is an area that has satanic cults operating in it that have been directly tied to the Son of Sam and Manson murders, among others.

There was no follow-up investigation when these findings were made. The US national media didn’t report on the story. Local media only focused on discrediting the witnesses. The FBI and other enforcement officers harassed and discredited victims in the aftermath, causing all but two of them – Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen – to recant their testimonies. The child victims, rather than the perpetrators, were thrown in prison. Alisha Owen spent more time in solitary confinement than any other woman in the history of the Nebraska penal system. She received a sentence of 9 to 25 years for allegedly committing perjury, which is ten years longer than the sentence that was given to Lawrence King for looting his Franklin Credit Union of $40 million. This heavy sentence imposed on Owen was meant to serve as a warning message to all other victims who might think of talking.

The key investigator in the case, Gary Caradori, was killed when his private plane mysteriously exploded in mid-air while en route to delivering evidence to Senator Loran Schmit. His briefcase went missing from the wreckage. This was the first of many deaths of people attempting to uncover this politically connected satanic cult/sex slave/drug trafficking ring. The Discovery Channel made a documentary about this case, entitled ‘Conspiracy of Silence’, but at the last moment, a group of unidentified US Congressmen paid them $500,000 to not air it, and all copies were destroyed (one copy survived). Republican senator John DeCamp, who was on the investigative committee, wrote a book exposing the case, titled, The Franklin Cover-Up.

In 1999 (see below), Paul Bonacci, who had been kept as a child sex slave by Lawrence King, positively identified Lt. Col. Michael Aquino as an associate of King, who he said was known to the children only as ‘the Colonel’. Rusty Nelson, King’s personal photographer, also identified Aquino as the man that he once saw King give a briefcase full of money and bearer bonds to, and who King had told him was involved in the Contra gun and cocaine trafficking operation being run by George Bush Sr. and Lt. Col. Oliver North.
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27682 crew  Bosbeetle
terminaal verdwaald
Die satan verheerlijking die erbij gehaald wordt altijd is toch helemaal niet nodig het is al lang bewezen dat je als goed christen ook gewoon kinderen kunt mishandelen.
En mochten we vallen dan is het omhoog. - Krang (uit: Pantani)
My favourite music is the music I haven't yet heard - John Cage
Water: ijskoud de hardste - Gehenna
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2s.gif Op vrijdag 31 maart 2017 00:46 schreef Bosbeetle het volgende:
Die satan verheerlijking die erbij gehaald wordt altijd is toch helemaal niet nodig het is al lang bewezen dat je als goed christen ook gewoon kinderen kunt mishandelen.
Behalve indien er een patroon is.
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450551 crew  ChrisCarter
Ti Ta Toverland
0s.gif Op vrijdag 31 maart 2017 07:27 schreef Ali_Kannibali het volgende:


Behalve indien er een patroon is.
Dus het grootschalige kindermisbruik onder kerkelijken "schuiven we maar even weg" omdat dat een ander patroon is,of wat?
1s.gif Op vrijdag 31 maart 2017 07:56 schreef ChrisCarter het volgende:


Dus het grootschalige kindermisbruik onder kerkelijken "schuiven we maar even weg" omdat dat een ander patroon is,of wat?
Wat een beschuldigende toon zeg. Gelieve het topic nogmaals door te lezen.
  Moderator vrijdag 31 maart 2017 @ 08:31:45 #148
450551 crew  ChrisCarter
Ti Ta Toverland
0s.gif Op vrijdag 31 maart 2017 08:30 schreef Ali_Kannibali het volgende:


Wat een beschuldigende toon zeg. Gelieve het topic nogmaals door te lezen.
Nee dat vraag ik omdat je je lijkt te focussen op satanisten maar ik zou in een topic juist ook de wereldwijd gepleegde misbruiken binnen de katholieke kerk verwachten.
  vrijdag 31 maart 2017 @ 08:33:29 #149
61646 Copycat
I am a trigger hippie
Het netwerk mist nog een beetje, wel veel losse flodders.
Curiosity cultured the cat
Whadda ya hear! Whadda ya say!
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1s.gif Op vrijdag 31 maart 2017 08:31 schreef ChrisCarter het volgende:


Nee dat vraag ik omdat je je lijkt te focussen op satanisten maar ik zou in een topic juist ook de wereldwijd gepleegde misbruiken binnen de katholieke kerk verwachten.
Het wordt toch echt in de OP genoemd hoor.

Ik vermoed ook 100% dat het misbruik in de KK gelinkt is aan de religie van de KK, die, jammergenoeg, verduiveld veel overeenkomt met Luciferianisme/satanisme, in esoterische zin.

Het is ook een algemeen geaccepteerd feit dat rooms katholicisme syncretisch is, en dus heidense en christelijke elementen bevat.

Het Vaticaan bevindt zich op de plek waar voorheen de tempel van Mithras stond, en volgens sommige bronnen kannibalisme en kinderoffers uitgevoerd werden.

Dus alle informatie hieromtrend is welkom (overigens werden de Jezuieten al genoemd wat betreft een affaire in Rio de Janeiro, op de Henry Makow site, maar dat artikel wilde je niet lezen geloof ik).
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