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Cotopaxi volcano (Ecuador): increased seismic activity, volcanic unrest

The volcano has been showing signs of unrest. Since mid-April this year, and particularly during May, a marked increased in earthquakes and SO2 emissions have been detected, which could be signs of a magma intrusion beneath the volcano.

During May, about 3000 local earthquakes were recorded, a significant increased compared to April (628 quakes), and more than during the last seismic crisis in 2001-02.

In particular, long-period earthquakes related to internal fluid movements have shown an increase in May. Most quakes were located in areas north and northeast of the volcano's summit, at two depth layers, one at shallow 3 km and others at deeper depths of up to 14 km.

In addition, SO2 emissions have shown an increased from normal values of approx. 500 tons / day to 2500-3000 tons per day. At the crater, fumarolic activity has increased during May. During the weekend of 22 and 23 May, sulfur smell the upper northern flank was very intense.

Very slight deformation has occurred on the N and NE flanks, suggesting a trend towards inflation, IGPEN reported.

For now, the signs of volcanic unrest are small and there is no indication that a new eruption is imminent, but the current unrest could be a medium to long term precursor to a possible new eruption, which would be the first since 1942
In indonesie wordt men ook zenuwachtig.

Evacuaties Sumatra wegens kans op uitbarsting vulkaan
Foto: ANP
Gepubliceerd: 03 juni 2015 07:56
Laatste update: 03 juni 2015 09:52

De autoriteiten in het noorden van het Indonesische eiland Sumatra hebben mensen in de omgeving van de vulkaan Sinabung opgeroepen een veilig heenkomen te zoeken.
De 2460 meter hoge vulkaan lijkt op het punt van uitbarsten te staan. Woensdag kregen mensen in een straal van 7 kilometer rond de berg opdracht te vertrekken.

De Sinabung sliep vierhonderd jaar tot hij in 2010 weer langzaam ontwaakte. Sinds 2013 zijn er verscheidene kleine erupties geweest.

Video: Sinabung spuugt as in januari 2014

Gevreesd wordt dat bij een nieuwe eruptie uiterst gevaarlijke kilometerslange gloeiend hete vulkaanas-stromen van de berg af kunnen komen. Sinds 2013 leven nog altijd 2000 mensen in noodonderkomens.

JMA raises warning level for another #volcano: Mt. Asama, 200km NW of Tokyo.
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Exceptionally strong earthquake below the Kilauea volcano, Hawaii, Hawaii
Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 5.2
Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-06-27 22:10:10
GMT/UTC Time : 2015-06-28 08:10:10
Depth (Hypocenter) : 8.55 km
Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

Update : The initial depth of 0.1 km has in the meantime been updated to 8.6 km. At this depth a setting of the volcano (movement because of the weight of the volcano itself) is more likely. this happens regularly below Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. These earthquakes are not volcanic in origin. This depth makes more sense as to the fact that the active crater did not change his activity pattern. A number of normal aftershocks are being registered after the mainshock.

Update : Magnitude 5 earthquakes are happen rarely in this area and depth

Update : Extremely shallow and below the volcano edifice. Webcams on Kilauea are not showing an increase or decrease of the volcano activity but a closer look will have to be taken from now on.

Update : we do not expect any damage outside the National Park itself and even in the National Park the shaking will have been relatively innocent for a quake of this Magnitude. Main reason : the origin of the earthquake probably not being tectonic.

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Japan Raises Volcano Alert for Mount Hakone After Small Eruption

TOKYO: Japan raised the volcano alert at Mt Hakone southwest of Tokyo, restricting access to the area after an apparent small eruption at the mountain popular with holiday-makers.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said it had confirmed volcanic ash was emitted from the area, which is known for hot springs and which has been emitting unusual amounts of steam in recent months.

"There appears to have been a very small-scale volcanic eruption," the agency said on its website, raising the alert level to 3 from 2 on a scale of 5.

The higher alert restricts people from entering the area.

Japan, one of the most seismically active areas on earth, has seen an upturn in earthquake and small volcanic eruptions, including one that required the evacuation of a small island in south Japan.
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Giant eruption of Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia today
bron: reddit

Ook op Java is de vulkaan Mount Raung aan het pruttelen wat veel vliegverkeer in Indonesi in de war schopt.

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MeteoGroupWeer twitterde op vrijdag 10-07-2015 om 09:04:44 Uitbarsting Indonesische vulkaan #Raung op Oost-Java te zien op NASA satellietfoto. Vliegvelden in omgeving gesloten. http://t.co/D00whzRLCn reageer retweet

peterjpellis twitterde op donderdag 09-07-2015 om 17:24:16 DPS airport closed due to Mt Raung's volcanic ash. For updates follow @GerryS @flightradar24 #Bali #Indonesia http://t.co/2anWZZBUfc reageer retweet
volcan01010 twitterde op vrijdag 10-07-2015 om 15:35:53 #Raung eruption ash cloud map from Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre. http://t.co/fH6eYgob7d Ash up to ~5.2 km http://t.co/AmsX0EuYx3 reageer retweet

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<a href="http://goo.gl/gYvZFq" target="_blank">Geel is een zonnige en vrolijke kleur, als hij tenminste enigszins warm is gekleurd en wat naar het oranje neigt</a>
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8)7 lol my bad
Veni, vidi, vodka.
Mexico's 'Volcano of Fire' erupts, forcing evacuation of hundreds

Mexico's Fire Volcano, also known as the Colima Volcano, blasts ash and smoke into the night sky.

Mexico's most active volcano, the Fire volcano spewed smoke and ash into the night sky, prompting the evacuation of a nearby hamlet as lava poured down its flank.

The grainy black and white images captured an intense explosion after which ash spewed from its crater. The activity at this volcano in Colima began on Thursday.

Authorities have taken preventative measures and evacuated residents within a five-kilometre (three-mile) radius of the volcano's peak after lava was observed coming down its flanks.

The Fire Volcano was most recently active in January and February of 2015 but altogether no civil protection actions have been warranted thus far.
5 volcanoes erupt in Indonesia
Major eruptions at five volcanoes in Indonesia have darkened skies with ash over a large swath of the archipelagic nation and three airports have closed.

Government volcanologist Surono said Mount Raung on Java island erupted again Wednesday, blasting ash and debris up to 2,000 meters (6,560 feet) into the air after rumbling for several weeks.

Eruptions of Gamalama and Dukono mountains on the Moluccas islands chain and the Sinabung volcano on Sumatra island have darkened skies and forced the evacuation of more than 10,000 people. Mount Karangetang on Siau island also erupted.

Transport Ministry spokesman Julius Adravida Barata said Jember and Banyuwangi airports closed late Tuesday and Bali's international airport was closed for several hours on Wednesday, disrupting flights.

Indonesia has 130 active volcanoes.

Popo spews ash 2 km in the air
Amazing footage has emerged of dozens of ash exhalations from Mexico's most active volcano, Popocatepetl - reaching up to two kilometres into the sky.

The above video shows a large ash explosion that took place over several minutes and was part of a 24 hour recording that began at 11am on Monday.

Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention recorded 80 low-intensity exhalations and six explosions.

Popocatepetl is one of Mexico's most active volcanoes and the second highest volcano in North America, with an elevation of 5426m.

The largest volcano in North America, Pico de Orizaba, is about 285km east of Popocatepetl and has an elevation of 5636m.

This week's volcanic activity has led to ash falling in the nearby towns of Amecameca and Tlalmanalco - about 60km southeast of the country's capital, Mexico City.
  vrijdag 31 juli 2015 @ 07:37:42 #118
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BREAKING: Manam Volcano Erupts in Papua New Guinea

2s.gif Op vrijdag 31 juli 2015 07:37 schreef aloa het volgende:
BREAKING: Manam Volcano Erupts in Papua New Guinea

Misschien wel getriggerd door die aardbeving onlangs? Of rommelde het daar al een tijdje?
  vrijdag 31 juli 2015 @ 09:04:51 #120
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Misschien wel getriggerd door die aardbeving onlangs? Of rommelde het daar al een tijdje?
zou kunnen...

Vulkaanuitbarsting op Runion

SAINT-DENIS (ANP) - Op het Franse eiland Runion is vrijdag een vulkaan uitgebarsten. Plaatselijke media meldden dat de vulkaan, de Piton de la Fournaise (Top van de Oven), lava en rook uitstoot. De uitbarsting zou het zoeken naar wrakstukken van een vliegtuig waarvan woensdag een stuk vleugel op het eiland aanspoelde, kunnen bemoeilijken, bijvoorbeeld als helikopters aan de grond moeten blijven.

De vulkaan, in onbewoond gebied in het zuidoosten van het eiland, is een van de actiefste ter wereld en barst al voor de derde keer dit jaar uit. De uitbarstingen in februari en in mei duurden enkele dagen.
Are Volcanoes Erupting More Frequently?

It seems like there have been a lot of volcanic eruptions lately.

Popocatpetl volcano in central Mexico has been spewing ash and smoke for months, while Colima, also in Mexico, continues to erupt regularly. In Japan, Sakurajima keeps threatening to erupt in a big way, and some scientists believe it will happen soon. According to Volcano Discovery, there are at least eight volcanoes currently active around the world.

If you're wondering what all this activity means, you're not alone. Scientists are asking the very same questions. They've been studying active periods of volcanic eruptions to see if there's a trend, or even if something's causing the increase in these events – and they still don't have any concrete answers.

Last year, a new study was released suggesting the speed at which the Earth spins may have an effect on the amount of volcanic activity. The belief is that the extra energy the sun uses to alter the speed of Earth's spin, even by the smallest amount, can transfer hundreds of thousands of petajoules of energy into the subsurface, and that may trigger additional eruptions.

Some researchers have also said global warming may be to blame. According to a 2012 study in the journal Geology, melting of land ice could relieve pressure off continents, which may allow magma to surge up more easily, leading to a higher likelihood of more eruptions. A 2015 study in Iceland had similar findings, according to Time.

But the scientists of both studies agree that the ties between climate change and more eruptions aren't concrete, and more examination needs to be done before any conclusions can be drawn.

"The link between climate change and volcanism is still poorly understood," Dr. Robin Wylie, researcher of volcanology at the University College of London, said in the Conversation, a science magazine based in the UK.

If either of these theories are proven to be true, Wylie adds, it would be yet another example of how the smallest changes in our world can have major consequences.
0s.gif Op woensdag 19 augustus 2015 13:56 schreef Frutsel het volgende:


eruptionsblog twitterde op woensdag 19-08-2015 om 23:21:35 I guess I have to tell @sean_breslin that no, volcanic activity is not increasing. All normal on volcano front. reageer retweet
Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador): ash emissions

New ash explosions took place at the volcano the day before yesterday (3 July), generating a plume that rose approx. 1 km above the summit and caused light ash fall on the western slope.
This was the first significant activity since the weak eruptive episode in April.
IGEPN reported moderate internal activity and does not exclude that more vigorous eruptions might follow in the near future.
Tungurahua naast Cotopaxi in Ecuador ook weer bezig
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